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10 Tips To Improve Your Skill As A UX Designer


10 Tips To Improve Your Skill As A UX Designer

User Experience ( UX) Design is a perception of a person when interacting with a system. Examples of it – a web application or desktop software, website. The product is mainly given by some form of Human Computer Interaction ( HCI). It encompasses all aspects of the end user’s interaction with the company , its services and products

UX Design is the way of increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty based on the usability, simplicity of use, and enjoyment provided with the interaction between customer and product.

We all know that with the phase of time the business world are becoming more competitive and tougher. Because people are seeking more customize and dynamic product . So, to cope with the situation the business world seeks more expert and efficient UX designer.

Those are the points who wants to improve his skills as a UX designer should follow :

  1. Good Background: UX designer may come from any discipline and it is possible to be a good designer from anywhere. Most of the time we see that graphics designer and web developer become the UX designer. Anyone can be a good designer by exact training. UX design is not only graphics designing but also understanding the cognitive psychology of customers. Cognitive psychology means the study of mental processes such as ”attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity, and thinking”.
  2. Identification of Right Customers: An UX designer always wants to make a research on end user before starting design. Because before designing it is a great weapon for him. so, he may conduct a survey on customer to know the reaction on the design. Based on the opinion of the customers his final design will be done. To examine usability is not a research . Usability means learn-ability of the customer on human made object. Research means to know the opinion of the customer on a design.
  3. Find Out Problems and Solutions: At first the designer has to identify the problems and then solutions. If he is not careful to identify problems then seriously he will be failed.He has to pay attention on the problems of the users. After identifying problems he has to make a draft copy of the plan. With the help of the draft he has to ahead. In the draft copy, the content will be drawn. Then it will be easy for the designer to complete the task.For example, we can say about building a house. When it is planned that a house will be made then at first the engineer makes a draft plan of the house. And according to it, they make the house.
  4. Make Information Based Product: Those products will be given to customers that will be full of important information. Because people don’t like a beautiful product they expect benefit from the it. Those information will be provided these will be simple and easily understandable. For easy understanding menus and used language will be given very fairly. so that, provided information helps people.
  5. Find Out the Sector Where You are Good: This sector includes many grounds such as visual design, information architecture, research, structuring, organization and labeling, and interaction design. So, from these you have to find out where you are best. Then start work with the ground. If you are good at any sector then it will be possible to provide great outcome to the company.
  6. Reduction of Ongoing Disappointment: Work analysis means the activities of problem definition phase and results best work analysis that shows the work flow for the end users and their key work. Then to do the task in the best way. An efficient UX designer can paint the work flow of the customers. He can understand what the customer demand and within what days. so, he has to calculate the days within how many days the customer can claim the product. And within those days he has to surprise the customers.
  7. Concentration on the Satisfaction of Customers: Whatever product the company makes it is done for the betterment of the customers. so, if anyone thinks that his objective is to achieve the customer delight. Delight means to get more than satisfaction. Then really he will be able to provide something better for the customer. And he will be capable to provide double outcome than his ability according to the objective. so, an UX designer should target to achieve the customer delight as a objective.
  8. Identification of Matters that Hindrance Success: When any expert UX designer sees a design made by other then he can identify problems that will be failed the company to get success. Many types of problems will be identified by him that is problematic. That may be little to big aspects. Not only identify the problems but also find out why those aspect hindrance success.
  9. UX is not as same as UI : User interface is totally different thing from user experience. User interface is programmer makes a space for the user that an user uses. For example – Twitter , Facebook etc . And user experience is about what is the feelings of the user from user interface that means feelings of the user by using Facebook or Twitter. So, you have to keep enough knowledge to make separate both of them. User experience covers a wide area than user interface. In case of UX, talent, good knowledge, research , friendly nature, simplicity are most important than UI.
  10. Make a Good Link Within Same Category Product: We use many things everyday. It will be better if that may be keep a good link among the things. If it is easy for people to keep connection with their peers, friends and family within the same things. Then they will feel eagerness to use it . Nowadays, it is a such kind of situation to give the   product to the customer as easily as possible.

Finally, we can say that a good UX designer makes good entrepreneurs. Because the designer thinks about the user very carefully. That helps the entrepreneur to do a good job. When the designer makes a survey on the end user about design then all the important things and problems possible to find out. That aids the entrepreneur to get ultimate success.

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