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5 Easiest Ways to keep Backup your WordPress site manually [Step by step]


5 Easiest Ways to keep Backup your WordPress site manually [Step by step]

Hey! Welcome to the new series of WordPress Tutorial. In this series, we will learn about keeping the backup of our WordPress site. 🙂 Are you looking for keeping the backup of your WordPress site manually? Yes! In this post, we will learn about how to keep backup WordPress site manually. Generally, keeping backup is the best thing to stay safe when it’s in danger. Disasters will never come by telling you. So it’s a good practice to stay on the safe side.

I have a bad experience in this matter. Last month, in a website of my client I deleted some files when changing in the function.php file. Actually, the theme was used a theme very difficult in coding. For this reason, I made a fault. Basically, I deleted an important code and it was showing the error of my full site. But I had not kept any backup of the core files. For this reason, I had passed some crisis moment then. But if I would keep some simple backup then, I would not face this problem to restore it again. At the same time, you can also lose your database for hacking or server crash of your hosting. So, keeping a backup file regularly is a good practice for all time.

Are you confused about the backup system? Are you looking for, how to keep a backup and why is backup important? Do you know about the importance of keeping the backup but don’t know how to do it or are you not sure how it works? Yes! I’ll cover all the questions about keeping the backup of your WordPress site. Just keep reading…

Why manual backup is important:

Your website is your unlimited assets. But if you lose it anyhow, it can damage you for achieving the next target. For this reason, if you keep backup of your websites, you can easily get back it at any time. Mainly, if you lose your website’s data and files by hacking or server failure it is important to keep the backup of your websites. On the other hand, if you do any edit in your core WordPress installation, then it’s very important to keep a copy of your files to stay safe.S

Should you depend on your Hosting Company for Backup:

We all know that all the hosting company keeps a backup copy of your files and database regularly. But do you know they are keeping all of your files safely? Mainly, you can’t depend on your website to anyone. On the other hand, they have to maintain a lot of websites. So they have no opportunity to give priority anyone. Similarly, hosting server may crash or it can hack also. For this reason, you should try to take backup of your WordPress websites regularly. It will make your more worry free. 🙂 

Why is it must need to keep the backup of your WP website manually:

Sometimes, you will regret that if you would keep a backup file, then you can restore it again. Really, when you are not tech savvy, but trying to edit the PHP or CSS file, you may do a fault. Then you have no chance to backup in the previous session. On the other hand, sometimes, a plugin can not suit with your WordPress or themes, then it can show an error message to load the websites. You have no chance to enter in the backend panel. Then you will realize, how much can it be helpful if you keep a backup of your websites. In this case, I always recommend keeping a backup of your WordPress websites.

5 Ways to take Backup WordPress Site manually:

I’ve used half dozens of the method to keep backup WordPress site including with free or paid plugins, manual scripts and hosting company. Though all the method was easy and functional. But I will discuss in this method only the manual process backup. Significantly, it’s so easy to do. I will recommend following the method step by step with me. Let’s start to take backup of a WordPress website…

  • BackUp WordPress Database Manually Using phpMyAdmin:

Taking backup with phpMyAdmin is very time-saving. In the same way, it’s an open source software and it allows you to manage it perfectly MySQL database. As a WordPress user, you will get it as preinstalled. To keep the backup with phpMyAdmin, you have to do the below step.

  • Firstly login in your WordPress hosting Control Panel and You will get “Quick Shortcuts” area here. In this Quick Shortcuts area, you will find the phpMyAdmin and click here. Similarly, you can find it from the cPanel under databases. Now click on phpMyAdmin. See the below images…
  • Now it will open the phpMyAdmin window. Now it will see the export menu and when you want to keep the backup of your websites, you have to click it. First thing to remember, you have to select the WordPress database. Sometimes it stays selected as default. If no, do it manually. On the other hand, you will find all of your database tables here. Now click Export to backup the files. See the below images…
  • It’s time to start exporting. But you have to select export method. To get the more option select custom export. See the below images…
  • When you will select More Options, then it will open more options to customize. It will show all the tables in your database. It may show some tables which are not known to you. Actually, some plugins create the table. If you think it’s not necessary to you exclude it from the list.
  • At this point, you have to configure the output options. By default, it may stay output as text. But you have to export it as a file. So select “Save output to a file”.
  • All the settings have done. If you don’t understand anything, then keep it default. Now scroll down and select Go. It will start to export your file as the backup.

When it will finish exporting, phpMyAdmin will give you the file in the zip or gzip file. You have done all the process successfully. You have kept your WordPress database backup. At any time, you can do it by the same process.

  • Creating WordPress Database Backup Manually from cPanel

Now we will learn to keep the backup from cPanel. It’s so easy to take backup of your WordPress database. For this reason, you have to enter your cPanel account from your hosting dashboard. On the other hand, the most renowned hosting company provides it in the Quick Shortcuts icon. If you don’t get it in the Quick Shortcuts area, then it’s not the problem to get it from cPanel area under files options. See the below images…

  • At this point scroll down and you will get the partial backups menu. Here you will find all of your databases. Now click the files and take backup.

Note: It’s not a good practice to keep your database backup. But if something happens and when you are unable to get back it anyway, then do it.

When it will finish, keep it in your safe place. You have done your backup of your WordPress site successfully by cPanel. Now you can easily restore it when you will need it.

  • Backup Manually from your Host

It is the same process I have discussed you in no. 2 (Creating WordPress Database Backup Manually from cPanel). But, this section you will not find automatically in your Hosting Dashboard. You have to open the cPanel and you will see an area of files. Here, you will see “Backup Wizard” and now we’ll keep our WordPress database backup by this options. For this follow the below instructions…

  • Go to your cPanel and see the menu Backup Wizard. Now click here. Here you will find to options: Backup and Restore. As we’re taking the backup now, so click here.
  • In the next section, you have to select your files or if it does not show your file, search it and when it will come, click and upload to keep the backup.

By all means, it will take backup of your WordPress websites and keep it in your control. If you want a copy in your email, attach it to your dashboard. Now it’s OK to keep backup manually from the host cPanel.

  • Backup Manually from FTP

Keeping Backup manually by FTP is so easy. You have to keep installed FTP in your PC. On the other hand, you can do the same task using Cyberduck. It’s really so easy to take backup of your WordPress sites by FTP. Follow the simple steps to do it…

  • Just log in your website using FTP. Now open your site and select the files you want to take backup.
  • Here right click on your selected files and download it to save.
  • It’s done, you can easily download and backup your WordPress files by this method.

One thing to remember, someone can recommend you to use WP-CLI to take backup of your websites. It’s really fantastic, but you have to become an advanced user to take backup by using WP-CLI. So, I will recommend you not to go in this method, if you are a newbie or something not so much tech savvy. 

You have successfully taken backup of your WordPress websites using FTP. Now restore/install it at any time when needed.

  • Easy Backup/Export from WordPress Dashboard  

It’s a super easy process to take backup of your WordPress websites and you don’t need to take help any third party software or plugins to do it. It has been built by WordPress and you will get it automatically with your dashboard. So, if you want some simple backup, then you can use this options. To do this follow the below step…

  • First login in your WordPress websites with your admin username and password.
  • Now see the options Tools and under this options, you will find the Export. Click on it and it will keep all of your important files and databases as the backup.

Note: WordPress default Export is so easy, but it doesn’t export the third party theme, plugins or other important files. So check if it can fulfill your requirements.

Above all, I think you have successfully learned the method of taking backup from WordPress export.

Important Instructions to keep Backup:

As you are keeping the backup of your websites for safety reason. So, do the task intelligently to become more secure.

  1. Don’t keep your all the files in a place or in one bucket. Try to keep it in the different place, where it seems safe.
  2. Never keep your backup files in the cloud or PC only. Try to mix it with Cloud, CD, Hard Drive and in the computer. Then it will be more secure for you.
  3. Always use a security plugin for more safety.
  4. Never use anything backdated and try to update all the files, themes and plugins regularly.
  5. At last, always keep your websites backup in the safety place.

Final Thought:

Finally, I’m able to finish the tutorial and I will tell you that keeping the backup of your WordPress website is very necessary. Must be remembered, it’s very safe for your future assets. Similarly, it can reduce your risk at any time. So I will recommend you to take backup of your websites. Another key point, try to use manual backup for full security. It has no chance to lose anything.

If you get this article helpful, then share it on your favorite social media and if any further assistance, make a comment in the comment section. Never hesitate to subscribe us to get the latest update about WordPress and other technology. Thanks in advance.

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