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7 easy techniques to drive a lot of traffic from Pinterest to your website


7 easy techniques to drive a lot of traffic from Pinterest to your website

Have you ever used Pinterest? If you do, you already know how it’s important to drive traffic and to get the backlink from Pinterest. I can assure if you use this social network, you will fall in love with this website. Basically, Pinterest can be a good source to promote your website’s media content including images and videos. Search Engine especially Google give this social network more priority than any other social network. When you check your search algorithm, then you will find that more than one results are coming from Pinterest. If you follow some techniques, you can easily drive traffic from Pinterest. 

What is Pinterest:

If you don’t know yet about Pinterest, then take a look at the basic interface of this social network. Basically, Pinterest is a media content-rich social network and very much popular for images and videos. You will be surprised, in average Pinterest are using by 1000+ million users in every month. Can you think, how can be, if one image gets viral on Pinterest? To clarify, Pinterest starts their journey in March 2010 and in recent years, it is considered as one of the best media content sharing and marketing site.

How to drive more traffic from Pinterest:

Especially, Pinterest is one of the best places to drive traffic. But getting targeted traffic from Pinterest needs to follow some techniques. If you follow this, you can easily attract the visitor to your websites. In this post, we will learn 7 easy and important techniques to drive traffic from Pinterest. Let’s start to learn…

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1. Use Rich Pins:

Rich Pins is something where additional details are added. As most of the customer from Pinterest are ready to buy something, so it is very important to give more data, it will drive more traffic to your websites. Similarly, when you repin by changing some details as like price, it will inform all of the visitors who has liked it before. It’s a great technique as like email marketing.

2. Add Pinterest Button in your websites:

It can radically increase the amount of traffic. Add Pinterest button for images or in the post; it increases sharing rate into Pinterest by the users. It can bring a lot of visitor from their circle, and it can boost your social signal, and it’s so good to rank your website for those specific post.S

3. Join with popular Board:

Contribute to the popular board in your similar niche. It will increase your brand. Similarly, it will drive some new visitor regularly. Never forget, maintaining community is a good strategy to make the reliable reader for your websites.

4. Grow your Brand:

Statistics shows that increasing popularity for your board depends on Brand. Really, it’s so true. For this reason, make professional content and rich content that is needed for the visitor and which can attract the customer.

5. Use Popular Trends:

It’s an amazing technique to drive traffic to your websites. Any trends get huge search volume and if you create content on the similar topics and share an amazing image or videos related to the trends. It can drive a lot of visitors daily.

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6. Quality is important:

As Pinterest is very popular for visual content. So it’s must need to create visually rich content. Keep Professional attitude in the content and never try to share a content as a rule only. Try to add value all the time. 

7. Use keyword in the descriptions:

It’s another important point to drive visitor in your websites. Especially, when any topics similar to your websites are searched in the Google, it will show the Pinterest results. Then if you use your Keyword, then there have a chance to get your content in the first results of Pinterest.

8. Use an autopublish plugin:

You can automatically post to Pinterest each time you post a new post to your blog. using the Pinterestomatic plugin. It can drive a great amount of traffic, if you combine it with the above methods. Check it out here.

Final Thoughts:

By all means, I tell you to never neglect Pinterest. It’s an amazing source for driving traffic. Similarly, It will increase the visibility of your website’s content. On the other hand, the Social signal is so important to get ranked any post easily, and in this sense, Pinterest is very effective than any other social media.

If you get this article helpful, then make sure to share it on your favorite social media. If needs any further assistance, use the comment section. Thanks in advance. 

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