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10 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins that are free


10 Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins that are free

Are you looking for the best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins? Yes! You are in the right place. I started a cool WordPress Tutorial and this tutorial series is “Using Google Analytics for WordPress”. Today you will learn about the best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. Generally, Google Analytics is a web matrix tool to track your websites according to the stats of page views and algorithm.

Google Analytics Vs WordPress:

Google Analytics is a free tool by Google and it helps to know the website matrix and stats. Not to mention, there has no free or paid tool that can give you the most reliable data than Google Analytics. For this reason, it’s an essential and must-need tool for the webmaster. Mainly, Google Analytics provide the data about where from your visitor are coming mostly, which pages and link are being clicked most, Visitor segmentation and checking which page and area are being visited most of the time. It helps you to improve your content, visitor choices and much more.

On the other hand, WordPress is the best CMS and for blogging purposes, it’s the mostly uses Content Management System in the World. For this reason, if you able to add Google Analytics on your WordPress blog, it will be very good in the sense of tracking. You will get all types of stats then from your WordPress dashboard. You have no need to log in your Google Analytics websites daily. When you will enter in your WordPress Dashboard, it will show the stats all the time. Surely, it will increase your Websites page views and the blog will become more Search Engine Friendly.

Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins:

In this post, we’ll know about the best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. Similarly, we’ll learn about setting up and configuration procedures in the next post step by step. Let’s take a look of Google Analytics WordPress Plugins…

  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP)

This is one of the best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. It allows you to track your WP websites using Google tracking code. If offers your website’s stats by Google Analytics. Similarly, it provides every post and page data from Google analytics and stats. It also provides real-time visitor stats, acquisition channels, and traffic sources details. Even it will show you the stats about the operating system, browser and mobile visitor too.

The plugin has been 1+ million active installed and top rated Google Analytics WordPress Plugin. It allows you to check referral, 404 or social traffic stats. Important to realize, the plugins will be used on multiple websites. Markedly, the plugins have been downloaded 20 millions times.

Download The Plugin

  • Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights

It is an another best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. It is also a popular plugin for tracking WordPress websites. It is very easy to install and activate. The plugin has been installed actively 1+ million websites. Important to realize, it has been downloaded 15 millions times. It allows you to track your WP websites and to become updated with Google Analytics.

It provides real time analyze and stats. You can also track your page stats, e-commerce tracking, ads tracking and file download tracking. Similarly, it offers link tracking, event tracking, author tracking and popular post tracking. Not to mention, it is an open source software and free for any kinds of use.

Download The Plugin

  • Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Made Easy

Analytics Cat is a new Google Analytics plugins and it has made too easy the analytics system. The plugin is very simple and doesn’t provide lots of features. Though it’s perfect to track website stats within minutes. It allows you to paste Google Analytics scripts into all types of themes of WordPress. Similarly, you are able to enter Analytics code into header and footer too. Installing and activating process of this plugin is so easy. Just after activating the plugin go to setting and you will find Google Analytics Manager and at last add your Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) ID. Then it will start to track your websites according to Google analytics.

Download The Plugin

  • Google Analytics WD – user-friendly Google Analytics integration plugin

Google Analytics WD is a popular plugin for its user-friendly dashboard. The plugin allows you to track your websites and it provides all the functionality of getting stats from Google Analytics. It can mask the user IP address and link distribution by Anonymize IP address. It supports real-time audiences and statistics. It will give you the opportunity to compare different stats easily. Similarly, you are able to track keywords, page views, hits, visit duration and other web stats. Especially, the main features of this plugin are real time tracking, audience overview, visitor’s behavior, location and browser analytics.

Download The Plugin

  • WP Statistics

WP Statistics in one the best plugins for WordPress websites statistics. Mainly, it never depends on external statistics. Though it doesn’t track the Google analytics, it can give the exact results. I have mentioned it here for knowing the facilities of this plugins. Though taking results from Google Analytics into WordPress is very reliable, but it can track all types of the popular search engine including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, and Baidu. It offers visitor stats, browser versions, country stats, search terms and much more. It allows you to export stats and data into XML, CSV or TSV files.

Download The Plugin

  • Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

Google Analytics Dashboard plugin for WordPress is a popular plugin and it allows you to add Analytics code everywhere you want. It can track the posts, pages, and custom post types and provide stats and visitor behavior. It can provide you stats from WordPress and its own dashboard. It gives the list of top countries, top cities, Referrers Browsers and top Referrers. It also provides social media statistics and mobile devices statistics too. Important to realize, it provides REAL-TIME Statistics of your WP sites too. The plugin is available for German, Russian, Norwegian, Spanish and Dutch.

Download The Plugin

  • Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is a super easy and best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. It provides different widgets to show Analytics data into admin panel or on the blog. The widgets provide top post, searches, and referrals too. Another key point, it allows hiding admin visits from any PC. It can track all the stats of Google analytics. Configuring the plugins is so easy. You can easily connect it to your Google Analytics account from the Dashboard. The plugin is updated regularly and it has been downloaded more than 3.5+ millions times.

Download The Plugin

  • Google Analytics Counter Tracker

Google Analytics Counter Tracer is a top rated WordPress statistics plugin. It shows the stats manually and graphically too. It shows the audiences and users overview separately. You can track the sessions, page views, and bounces. Similarly, you can get the graphical interface of users, new users, top countries by users and GEO location and cities and much more. The plugin is very easy to use with the mobile friendly design. It supports multiple languages alongside English, Turkish, Dutch, Russian and German.

Download The Plugin

  • GA Google Analytics

GA Google Analytics is an another top rating and best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins. It is very light and fast analytics plugin. Similarly, it allows you to enable stats for entire sites. It has used the latest version of tracking code and you can use this tracking code into header and footer. It supports all types of analytics extension including Analytics/ga.js, Universal Analytics/analytics.js and even IP Anonymization and much more. Considering fast loading and performance you can use it easily.

Download The Plugin

  • Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

This Analytics Plugin has been built considering Ecommerce shop. It allows you to track user behavior among the eStore. It can track Shopping Behaviour Report and Product Performance Report. Similarly, it provides Sales Performance Report for every product. On the other hand, it tracks product impression from the category, add to cart, products category and clicks. After all, you can easily custom any types of product easily and get analytics stats for every page, post, and products. It is considered as the blessing for the eStore owner.

Download The Plugin

Final Thought

By all means, I will tell Google Analytics is the best way to track your websites than any third party software or plugins. Similarly, it’s the good practice for getting any types of web stats including page, post or user behavior. I have discussed here the latest, updated and best Google Analytics WordPress plugins. So, you can use any of this by reading the review carefully. If you get this article helpful, share it on your favorite social media and if needs further assistance, make a comment. I will be back within a day. Thanks in advance. 

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