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How To Approve AdSense Account Easily (100% Approval)


How To Approve AdSense Account Easily (100% Approval)

AdSense is the no. 1 earning and advertising network which is started by Google. This is the best and easiest way for bloggers to show ads on the website. AdSense is pay-per-click ad network and pay you some money based on cost per click (CPC).  Advertisers set the price (High CPC and Low CPC) on a specific keyword. When people search for something on search engines like Google, Then Google will match the keyword you are searching and show the relevant ad and the same thing applies to a website. In this post, I will teach you guys some best and easiest way to Approve AdSense Account easily.

How hard is AdSense approval process

AdSense approval process is not easy because they review each account very carefully.  I don’t mean its hard as climbing Mount Everest. If you follow below tips and apply your AdSense account then you can approve your AdSense account easily.  Many Peoples asked me that if it is possible to approve AdSense account from or subdomain. If you want to get AdSense approval in this kind of subdomain then it will be little harder but not impossible. AdSense will look for quality content on every website. If you have about 15 quality articles which are by you and SEO optimized then another process will be the lot easier for you. Make sure that your article has enough words i.e. more than 600 words in each article and make use of headings properly.

Some Tips to Approve AdSense Account Easily

If you follow below tips then you will surely approve your AdSense account. Follow this guide carefully and if you faced any problem then comment below. 

1. High-Quality Articles

I always “Content is the king”. As I said before you need to write high-quality articles. You have to make sure that you write more than 600 words and that articles should be SEO optimized. As a blogger, you should always write words related to the title. If you write words which are not related to the articles then your visitors will also get bored. If your article is short then you can leave it short but don’t fill too many craps on it. You should write 15-20 high-quality articles before applying for AdSense.

2. Stay Out of Copyright Issues

You should always protect yourself from copyright issues. You may get a copyright on articles that you copy from another website. If you use contents and images that you downloaded from another website then you will get rejected by AdSense saying copyright issues. You are not allowed to download and use images from other website such as thumbnails. You are allowed to use logos of another website if you are making articles about them. If you use auto-publishing plugins to import content, be sure you spin the imported content using a premium spinner service like SpinRewriter, The Best Spinner or WordAI (all 3 supported in my plugins).

3. Get More Visitors

AdSense verification process will start when you place your code on the head tag of your site. Once you paste the head tag on your website then AdSense team will review your website. The code you posted on your website is like a tracking code. It will get activated once you receive some hits on your site. When it gets activated then AdSense team will look at your site and send the email. I noticed that when your code will not get activated then you will get an email from AdSense to place the code on your website and after one day your application gets rejected.

4.Write About, Contact, Privacy and Terms of Service page

This is really a Very important thing you should do to approve AdSense account easily. Google AdSense team will look at your pages to know more about your site. You should always make this kind of page before applying for AdSense. You should keep those pages links on your menu or in your sidebar. The user should find those page easily.

5. Simple and User-Friendly Design

You should always choose the simple and user-friendly design. If your site design is not user-friendly then AdSense will not approve your account. If you have used navigation menu and page navigation it will be easy for your visitors and You can use free theme too but customize it well. Never put third-party ad when your application is under review otherwise you will end up with the site do not comply with AdSense policy.

6. Multiple AdSense accounts

I found many people create multiple accounts for AdSense and they forget to change the personal details i.e. Name, Address or Phone number. According to AdSense policy, you can have only one account per person. If you apply for another account then you will get rejected. If your previous account was banned then you can apply for AdSense account using a business account. It is risky to have multiple accounts under the same name. If you apply for AdSense and have an account already then change your name or address. You should make sure that your AdSense info and your about page name and info is same otherwise you will get domain ownership error. If your AdSense account was disabled then you can also approve another.

7. Low-Quality Hosting / Site Speed

I found that some people apply for AdSense and their site goes down many times in a day or load Very slowly. If your site loads slowly then use google page speed and check the problems and solve them. If you are using low quality hosting then you should change the hosting. There is some free host which provide quality hosting such as If you are serious about your site then purchase hosting from trusted providers like the blue host. If your site gets down during review process then your application will directly be rejected.

8. Always Use Top Level Domain

Google recently make changes to their policies that you can approve your account but you are not allowed to use that AdSense account to show ads in other top-level domain like, net or org domain.

Common AdSense Rejection Reasons and Solutions

1. Insufficient Content

This is most common AdSense rejection reason. If you get this email from AdSense then you should write some more articles and then apply for AdSense. If you keep getting this message then you should increase the words in your articles.

2. Unacceptable Site Content / Copyright Content

Google gives lots of times and looks at your articles carefully before approving your application. You will get this kind of error when your site has contents such as hacking, Cracking and Illegal download content. You will get copyright issue when you are using others images or copying content from another site.

3. Site doesn’t comply with AdSense policy

You will get this error when your site is written in different languages which AdSense doesn’t support. This also happens if you have the poor or Unresponsive design. You should make sure that you have about us, Contact Us, Privacy policy and Terms and Service pages. You should use the navigation menu to guide your visitors.

4. Webmaster Errors

You should always add your domain in google webmaster and submit your sitemap and fix all the error on google webmaster. This will help you to verify your domain ownership and you will not get Site doesn’t comply with webmaster policies error.

How to Send Application to Approve AdSense Account

If you have followed all the tips above then now you can now apply for your AdSense account. You can follow below steps to apply for AdSense account.

1. First login to and then create a new account or sign in with your current account. Make sure your age is over 18 in your account.

2. In the website, field type your website address and then fill out all the forms correctly. You should type your correct address and more importantly, you should choose correct country because you cannot change your country later.

3. Then, You have to copy and paste AdSense scripts in the <head> tag of your website. You will get an email when you approve AdSense account.

4. Now, wait for the AdSense team to review your account and then you have to make 10$ and they will send you to pin in your address. Type your pin and verify your account.


This is the article which will help you, people, to approve AdSense account. If you people have any more questions about AdSense approval or you have any problems while approving your account then drop your comments below. I will try my best to help you and get your account approved.

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1 Comment

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