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CMS vs. Web Framework? Which Platform should you choose?


CMS vs. Web Framework? Which Platform should you choose?

Many of us become confused with the terms CMS and Framework. What is the difference between CMS (Content Management System) and Framework? Which platform is better to choose for developing the website and which method is doing better for all perspectives? If you read the full article, you can easily realize about the whole terms of CMS vs. Framework for building your websites.

What is a CMS:

CMS refers to Content Management System.  A content management system (CMS) is a web software that can create and manage digital content. It works as like web software application with related fields.

Types of CMS:

We get two types of Content Management System. Such as,

  1. Enterprise Content Management (ECM): ECM control Document Management and Digital Asset Management
  2. Web Content Management (WCM): Most Popular CMS targets to facilitate the web page or content management like text, photos, videos, maps and even maps.

Both ECM and WCM has two major parts like,

  1. Content Management Application (CMA): CMA is like controlling front-end user interface by adding, modifying and removing content in a website without the help of webmaster or web programmer.
  2. Content Delivery Application (CDA): CDA works to compile the information and check for any update or improvement needs of the website.

If I say in easy words, Content Management System is a pre-made web software where you can add, modify or remove any content without the support of webmaster.

Most popular Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress, Joomla, Magenta, Drupal, Tumblr.

What is Framework:

If you’re not familiar with Framework, this simple answer can help you to understand. A framework is a library/premade code that has written earlier, and you can use it to save time or further writing the whole code or knowing the details code of the program, but you’ll take the advantages of those programs.

If you want to make two newspaper in a sequence. You’ll find 60% of the code is same, but you’ve to write all the code to make the newspaper separately without the framework. But programmers wanted to make a solution of the system for not writing same code all the time, and then the idea of Framework is discovered.

Web Frameworks have saved a lot of time of the real coder in the technology world. So, we can tell web framework is a library of similar functions that can be used for further use of the similar work.

Most popular web framework:

Django, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Symphony, Cake PHP, Zend FrameWork, Codeigniter, jQuery, Angular JS, ASP.NET, METEOR, Express, Spring, PLAY, Yii 2, Falcon, Slim, FuelPHP, PHPixie.

The difference between CMS vs. Web Framework?

We’ll know the difference between CMS vs. Web Framework with pros and cons of them, and it’ll clear your confusion about them.

Pros of CMS:

  1. Faster building time: If you want to start your business website within very short times. You should go to CMS. CMS does not take much time to build. As all the parts of CMS are rebuilt, and you’ve no need to write single code if a theme can fulfill your all criteria.
  2. Good Community Guideline: As easy to learn CMS community is too strong and everything of the CMS can handle by that community.
  3. Easy to customize: CMS is too easy to customize, and if you want to customize it to the future needs, any coder can change it as your needs without any extra pressure. Suppose you want to show the change in your footer credit or want to add a slider/new slider, any good CMS experts can handle your work without any problem.
  4. Security issues: Most of the CMS is well researched and built in the sense of security solution purposes.
  5. Easy to use: CMS is easy to use for everyone without any coding knowledge. Anyone can add content (text, images, videos) very easily.
  6. The update features: As CMS can add new features very easily with the help of their plugins, it’s good for non-coder.
  7. SEO friendly: Every webmaster wants to compete with other and in this sense SEO is very necessary to rank his sites in Google. In this matter, CMS is good for SEO reasons also.

Pros of Web Framework:

  1. Fulfill all your needs: A web framework is very good to fulfill all of your needs. What you want to focus or what you want to keep just for formality can be done with satisfaction by a Web Framework.
  2. Fresh Code: All the codes are written by the good programmer. So, there are no unnecessary things to take your unnecessary space in hosting.
  3. Freedom: You can add or remove anything with your 100% needs at any time.
  4. Legal issues: By web framework, you can build uncommon original websites that are only for you. If you make copyright and legal issues anyone can’t copy your single code or design for business or other purposes.
  5. Security: Website with web framework is more secured because a lot of expert’s programmer have built the code and structure. So, it’s secure than Content Management system.

Cons of CMS:

  1. Security matter: Though we know that CMS gives a lot of security of our websites, the code of CMS is open source and sometimes it can be a reason of tension.
  2. Can’t fulfill your 100% need: As CMS is theme based websites. We install a theme which goes with my choice, but it can’t fulfill all the needs most of the time. Though you can hire a programmer to build a new one for you. This is the different issues. As we tell CMS is easy to build with low cost, it can’t fulfill your all the needs all the time.

Cons of Web Framework:

  1. Price: Building a website with custom web framework is expensive for a short time, but less expensive for the long run. That means If you build for short time Website with framework can be very expensive for you. Though the big and well-established company can build with web framework for the long run and well-designed/well-coded website.
  2. User experience: As you build a custom blog with the custom web framework, you’ve to give individual training for all, if you let others contribute to your blogs like the content writer or any other contribution. As they’re not experts in your custom-building web framework that have no need in CMS.
  3. Deep knowledge in coding: Do you know how to code with the requirements of W3? Do you know how to make SEO friendly functions for your website? It matters when you build a custom website in the framework.

What should I choose:

As CMS and web framework both are most popular for building websites. So, which platform should I choose?

To give any exact answer I’ll ask you…

1. How much budget do you have?

If you want to build with the low budget with minimum requirements, then you should go for CMS. But if you think the budget does not matter for you then go for custom web framework with real experience of coding.

2. How much time do you want for building a website?

For long run businesses, they’ve no problem in time for the exceptional look of their website. They try to do custom coded website for Brand, but if you want a website in short time and looking is not so much matter for you, then you can go for CMS.

3. Do you have any problem to build a one piece of website but needs to hire a programmer for any change or not?

If not, then go for the custom website with the framework. It’s too light website without any plugins. But if you want to handle with the low budget and without any coding knowledge then go for CMS again.

At last, I’ll tell CMS and framework is good enough for all. But the above discussion will vary your choice and decision. I think you have realized the matter. 😊

Thanks a lot.

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