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Most popular CMS platform to design your website. How to choose the right website platform for you? Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress?


Most popular CMS platform to design your website. How to choose the right website platform for you? Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress?

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress or CMS? If you want to build your business websites there have many options to choose. But when any platform fulfills your all needs you can build your web portal by that platform. But Before choosing the best platform you should consider which platform is more functional and will fulfill your all the needs to satisfy your visitor or customer as well as their needs.

To make your visitor into potential customer it’s the basic need to give them a better surfing experience and this will make your presence more informative and effective very much. I’ve seen with my experience that when you will tell anyone to buy something from your website they may not accept it, but when you will them with more informative resource and solution of their problem they’ll buy from you without any hesitation. So, try to make your web portal as a resource and user-friendly to get the reliable customer.

In this post, we’ll know most popular website platform to design your website in 2017 and which platform is awesome to fulfill your needs with descriptions and you’ll able to make your desired needs very effectively. At last, it will be about the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress.  Let’s start…

Most popular CMS website platform to design your website:

In 2017 you’ll find the most popular CMS website platform to design your website are:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Wix
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Blogger
  • Live Journal
  • Weebly
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • HTML template

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source website platform and a Content Management System (CMS) which is built in PHP. WordPress is so much popular website platform for its easy customization and user-friendly dashboard.

A lot of tech giant company using WordPress for their website and blogs like Mashable, CNN Blog, The New York Times Blog and TechChurch also.

WordPress is a very much user-friendly content management system to launch your brand-new website to maintain and operate as well. On the other hand, WordPress can fulfill all your needs to satisfy your customer as well as to make a mutual understanding with reliable resources.

What are the advantages of WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS from the last couple of years and there have many reasons for their continuous success. See below top 10 advantages of WordPress…

1. Easy to use: WordPress is really easy to use and if you want to add any new post or photos or videos or if you want to update your any content anytime, it so much easy and anyone with no technical coding knowledge can operate WordPress blog or website so easily.

2. Easy Maintenance: Who has no coding or HTML knowledge, he can also maintain this WP Blog or can customize with his or her needs from the Dashboards easily.

3. No need any knowledge in FTP: FTP is the file transfer protocol to upload any websites content, images, videos, but it can a cause of afraid if you’ve no previous knowledge in FTP. But in WordPress, you’ve no need to gather the knowledge of FTP. With admin page of WordPress can do the similar like FTP. So, cheers with WordPress without afraid.

4. Any Computer Operating opportunity: WordPress is very popular for its managing capacity. You can operate it from any computer if needs. As WordPress is a browser based CMS. So, you can log in from admin URL from any computer. Which can maintain your urgent issues?

5. Easy Customization:  If you need to update a lot of changes or customization you can do it by yourself and there have no hassle. In some cases, you can hire someone who is expert in WordPress and it’s so easy to find WordPress expert anywhere.

6. Ready to use: WordPress is a prebuild website CMS, just install a theme and the website will be ready to use. So, you have no tension to set up your virtual identity.

7. No prior knowledge needed: If you need to change the looking and user experience, you can change 100% of your website at any time and there have no technical problem if you change this today or later. You can add any extra facilities or requirements without any help of professional coder.

8. Plugins Wizards: WordPress is loved by the webmaster for its lot of free plugins. If you need any kinds of new optimization of a plugin, you can do it very easily. In WordPress, plugins are as like wizards which can make your website really dynamic and good looking with a lot of features.

9. Multi-User Functionality: WordPress website is the multi-user friendly website. So, if needs to give anyone to moderate your website, you can create another profile and role and he will able to do all the things you want on your website which is very time-consuming part in WordPress. WordPress can maintain multi-user functionality very easily.

10. SEO Friendly:  WordPress blog/website crawl easily title tags, tags and keywords, which is very good for SEO and researcher have found that WordPress is the only one CMS which is so much SEO friendly and google believe it as giants.

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress is easy to use and you can build a very user-friendly dynamic website which is ready for multiple devices. Most of the new theme for WordPress is responsive and very much customizable. As Google is giving priority to multiple devices website and they’re telling it will rank well in SERPS. In this case, WordPress goes really well and effective. On the other hand, WordPress is free for all that means you don’t need to pay anything to start your website.

You will not find any CMS where a lot of responsive well-built free theme available for you, but WordPress is giving you the facilities. WordPress is very much user-friendly and it supports unlimited user access. WordPress is updated regularly with the changing technology and demands.

WordPress is built in a way which is very secured. All the things of WordPress can be changed with your needs at any time without changing the basic code of the theme.

WordPress Vs PHP

PHP is the most powerful web language to build the custom website and there has no competition in PHP for building a custom interactive website. Though you’ve to hire a good programmer and take the time to build this.

One the other hand, WordPress is a CMS of PHP. Yes! WordPress is built in PHP and WordPress is the most popular CMS of PHP in recent years.

So, if you need to make an advanced coding website you can easily go with WordPress which can fulfill your all needs of PHP and WordPress is really more secure than anything.

With PHP if you want to change the simple design or looking or anything you’ve to hire a programmer or you’ve to learn PHP properly, otherwise, it’s not possible to change anything to fulfill your needs.

But in WordPress, everything is rebuilt and Plugins in WordPress really work as wizards. So, if you have no knowledge in PHP or coding, you can also change or update something that very necessary.

So, in the sense of easy customization and optimization WordPress performs really better for a non-coder.

WordPress Vs other CMS?

As like WordPress you’ll find a lot of CMS and Framework like Joomla, Drupal, Magenta, Tumblr, and Blogger is CMS also.

What make differences between WordPress vs other CMS:

  • A lot of free responsive theme is available in WordPress, but you’ll not find it in other CMS which can fulfill your all needs.
  • WordPress is very good for multiple devices, but other will fail to maintain this log with free.
  • WordPress can make your website very interactive and user-friendly, but other like Tumblr or Blogger fails to do this.
  • WooCommerce in WordPress is a powerful machine to make e-commerce website which is similar to Magenta or Joomla, but in the sense of easy installation and customization, WooCommerce is very good and user-friendly.
  • WordPress is very secure for multiple user maintenance.

WordPress in E-Commerce Business:

If you want to run an e-commerce business today, you can also go with WordPress. As WooCommerce Plugins in WordPress can make your life hassle free to build your loyal customer. Shopify is an app like WooCommerce which needs to pay but WooCommerce is totally free for you and it’s really awesome to maintain your eStore. (I’ll discuss Shopify and WooCommerce later if you want to start your e-commerce business)

What is the problem in WordPress?

WordPress can fulfill all your needs to make a website or blog. Anyone without coding knowledge can build their website dynamically with free plugins using WordPress, but if you use a lot of plugins it can slow down your website. But if you use plugins which are necessary to make a website user-friendly and good looking can’t slow down anymore, but if you use excessive unnecessary plugins it can hampers you.


So, WordPress can be your total solution to build your web presence with business and personal blogging. It performs in the search engine like google very good and can make your internet world of surfing really better than any CMS. If you want to satisfy and keep your reliable and loyal customer as a wealth you can use WordPress or you should convert today in WordPress without any hesitation.

Thanks a lot and see you again in another informative post. If you think the post is helpful to you, you can share your opinion with us and feel free to share the post on your favorite social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. 🙂

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