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What is AMP? How to use it on WordPress? (Step by Step)


What is AMP? How to use it on WordPress? (Step by Step)

Do you want to know more about AMP technology? Are you hesitating if you should use it on your website? Then this guideline can solve all of your confusion. I have discussed all the matter for AMP and it is recommended to read before using AMP on your website. Experts are recommending us for enabling AMP for any website. In this post, I will discuss AMP and how it works. Similarly, you will learn the benefit of AMP and how will you use it on the WordPress. You will know the SEO benefit of AMP too. After all, it’s the total guideline for AMP. Let’s talk in details about AMP.

What is AMP:

AMP is one of the fastest mobile technology. It has been developed by Google. AMP refers to “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. AMP aims to render fast web pages for static content.

Google announces AMP as “dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.” Google started this project to provide better and faster mobile internet. Mobile Users are the main source of web visitor now. So, it’s a matter of thinking again for the Mobile Users. Google has given a chance to do the same work in an easy process and this is AMP technology. Someone thinks it’s very tough to use AMP. But reality tells the opposite. It’s so easy to implement AMP in your WordPress website. You will get a great plugin from Google and you have to just customize it. No more talk and it’s time to see the beauty of AMP.

Why AMP:

As like Google AMP we see the same services in Facebook as Facebook’s Instant Articles and in Apple as Apple news. But who wants to use the service of Facebook and Apple they need to enter into the dedicated partnership with them. But Google has created it as open source and anyone can use it to create web pages on their websites. As an open source technology, AMP has attracted the concentration of the webmaster. Google is also giving priority for the AMP implemented websites in the SERFS.

How AMP works:

AMP has different 3 parts: AMP HTML, AMP JS, and AMP web cache

AMP actually create a reinvented version of HTML called AMP HTML. It mainly recreates the part of the website which makes slower the pages like JavaScript and third parties script. Google AMP will boast that pages and will able to load 15-85% faster than the non-AMP version of that pages.

Mainly AMP will create a mobile version of the web pages and it only works for mobile users. AMP will reduce the page size by converting JavaScript and other third parties script into faster AMP view. So, the mobile user will be able to load web pages within few seconds. It will reduce data cost of them and will get reliable information very fast. For branding, it will be an issue surely in the future. Already, most of the popular have started to implement AMP on their websites.

Benefits of AMP in SEO:

  1. Loading time is very effective in the SERPs. As researcher tell that mobile user never waits more than 6 seconds for an answer. So, it’s an effect to catch more visitor. If your page load faster it will g the t higher rank. Your content will be seen more.
  2. Google future update will give extra priority for mobile-friendly web pages and media. On the other hand, Mobile users are growing by the geometrical method. Webmasters need to boost their website with AMP.
  3. AMP will reduce bounce rate of your websites. As Google thinks low bounce rate indicates readers have got the article helpful. So, it will give the extra boost to rank your website.
  4. Another reason your content will get the boost as Google will show AMP web pages in Google News carousel. It will attract more attention for the visitor.
  5. AMP will create more branding of your web portal. Similarly, it’s very necessary to create AMP to get the additional boost from Google. Already Google is trying to show AMP enabled website in the SERP first for mobile users. It can surely help you to get ranked by the search engine.

How to set up AMP for WordPress blog:

Who doesn’t want to take extra facilities from Google? By installing AMP, you can give instant access to your web pages to your valuable readers. Instant access means without making boring of your readers.

You have to remember that AMP creates two separate pages all of your posts and pages to give immediate access. But you don’t need to worry as it has invented by Google own self.

Installing AMP in WordPress is very easy. WordPress has created a great plugin to do the whole process. You have to install it and all the work will start to happen automatically. You have to customize it to your needs only. To know the whole process of installing and customizing AMP for your WordPress website just follow the below steps.

How to implement AMP in your WordPress blog (step by step):

  1. Download and install the plugin in your WordPress website. (Check if you have installed the latest version)
  2. From the General setting menu, you will able to upload the logo of your website. As I have told you later it will make totally separate pages of your site like duplicate pages. And you have to do it manually. You will be able to change the color of the mobile pages and you can also add custom footer credit for AMP pages. In this menu, you can customize your all the things of your website with your needs and customer feedback too.
  3. From Notification tab, you can select how and what kinds of notification you want from AMP pages.
  4. From Advertisements tab, you can add your Google AdSense code or other add network add code to show them in AMP pages.
  5. From single tab, you can customize where you want to show your feature images or meta tag or social icons and share buttons. You should customize it with your demands.
  6. From structured data tab, you can fix custom width and height of the AMP pages to make the better view.
  7. From CSS editor tab, you can add any custom CSS code to show how you want to decorate the pages. Mainly coder can make their website with custom code and design.
  8. From menu tab, you can add the custom menu for AMP pages as like WordPress dashboard. This menu will only work in the AMP versions only.
  9. You can also customize your AMP pages visually by going (Appearance>AMP) and you will able to make changes with the live preview from here.

Should you use AMP in your website or Blog:

I’ll recommend using AMP in your blog. As it gives the extra boost in the SEO and increases site speed very much for the mobile user. So, you should go to AMP right now. If your site loads faster in the mobile version, why are you losing some extra visitor for AMP?

On the other hand, installing AMP in your WordPress blog by above method takes only 5 minutes with total customization. So, it’s so easy to start with AMP technology.


At Last, I’ll tell, in the SEO perspectives, AMP works very well. SEO experts suggest us to adopt your site with the latest technology including AMP. For this reason, you should check AMP for better performance of your site. Never forget to design your website’s with the user statistics for AMP. It will help you to get more money and better performance than your competitor. If you get this article helpful for you SHARE the content in your social community and if needs any assistance, make a comment and I will come back with your desired solution. Thanks in advance. 🙂

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