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20+ must have free WordPress plugins for your blog


20+ must have free WordPress plugins for your blog

WordPress is the best content management system in today’s web world. Do you know 10 million+ websites are built in WordPress and WordPress is used 58.7% of the website among the CMS platform and it’s the 27.5% of all website? WordPress is a crazy web platform that works like the wizard and this wizard in WordPress are Plugins. Plugins in WordPress works as pre-made facilities among your website. In this post, I’ll discuss 20+ must have free WordPress plugins for your website.

Plugins increase your web looking and performance very much. To attract the consumer in the dynamic website world WordPress plugins works like magic. You can do a lot of work with the help of plugins. Of course, you can do it without using the plugins, but you have to become a good programmer. But these plugins can help you to build an awesome dynamic website without any coding knowledge. For this reason, it’s very popular for creating the websites. Let’s talk about the best free WordPress plugins in 2017.

Plugins of WordPress:

When you’ll build a website in WordPress, you’ve to take the help of Plugins to make your website more dynamic and to increase the functionality. To make your website more user-friendly WordPress plugins is so much necessary.

So in this post, I’ll discuss in details about some must needed plugins to make your website more dynamic and user-friendly. Let’s go…

20+ must have free WordPress Plugins in 2017:

Here I’ve discussed 20+ must have plugins which are necessary from the starting of your online presence. All the plugins work for different purposes. If you want to provide your readers a user-friendly website, then it’s must need.

1. Jetpack – WordPress security, social share, stats and much more

Jetpack is used to know the stats of a website and it has some pre-build features like related post showing, social sharing buttons, speed and backups facilities. Similarly, it helps to protect WordPress from brute force attack. You can keep backup of your WP site by Jetpack too. On the other hand, it provides CDN services for providing the images faster. Another key point, it offers Email subscriptions and functional contact form. In a word, Jetpack is a WordPress plugin which can do all the primary, and basic needs work for your site.

  • You can download and install it from here.

2. Akismet – Say Spam Good Bye

Akismet is very much popular to protect spam comment and unethical behavior on your website. It’s a free WordPress plugin and can do a lot of task as like premium. To protect your blog/website from the spammer, Akismet is really nice to use and you can’t imagine how many web spammer is waiting for you. You can say Good bye of spam comment by using this plugin. It’s very simple for protecting spam comment. Important to realize, Google hates spam comment, and it’s not good for your site too.

  • You can download and install it from here.

3. SEO by Yoast – All in one for On-Page SEO

The web world is very much dependable on SEO. Search Engine is the best source to make the reliable customer. With this in mind, SEO by Yoast can do all the things to improve your post more interactive, and it can define your Keyword density, Writing Content readability, link management and best title for SEO and Meta descriptions too. SEO by Yoast is so helpful for search engine indexing and all kinds of google ranking factor. It’s the best SEO plugins I’ve ever used. In a word, it’s all in all for on-page SEO.

  • You can download and install it from here.

Alternative: Best alternative of SEO by Yoast is All in all SEO. It works as like SEO by Yoast and some technical work can only possible in All in all SEO. You can check it also from here.

4. Contact Form 7 – Total Contact Form Solution 

Contact Form 7 is the best free plugins for contact form creation, and it works really awesome to contact with your loyal visitor. Contact Form 7 is very easy to use. When you activate this in your WordPress website it’ll create an automatic form, and you can use it in the post or page or anywhere on your website. Just copy the code from the plugins setting, and all is done for a good-looking contact form. Oh yes! You can easily customize your contact form by increasing facilities, and it is the most uses and popular one of the best free WordPress plugins in free.

  • You can download and install it from here.

5. Login Lockdown – Say Spam Login Good Bye

For security reason, Login Lockdown works very fine as free plugins. When you use Login Lockdown, and if any spy wants to recognize your password from the admin panel, Login Lock down will ban him for his lot of attempts. It keeps the records of every failed login attempt and takes actions for your security.

By default, Login Lockdown will stop after three attempts in every 5 minute. Though you can customize it with your need too.

  • You can download and install it from here.

6. Sucuri – Popular WordPress security Plugin

Sucuri is the best free security plugin for the WordPress, and it can monitor your website all the time to prevent from malware or other attacks. Sucuri informs you by mail all the security issues daily. On the other hand, it protects you from any bad behavior on your site. It can do malware scanning. Similarly, it informs you all the successful and failed attempt by mail with details of the users. I think by freely it’s the best WordPress plugins to secure your website.

  • You can download and install it from here.

Alternative: You can do the same work by WordFence also. You can check it also from here.

7. Out Bound Link Manager – Best Nofollow free plugin 

Outbound Link managing is so necessary for the perspectives of SEO. You should select outbound link as no-follow (though you should keep some related link as do follow for SEO purposes) and you can do this by this light plugin only. Even you can select a domain which all the links will be no-follow. Similarly, you can select a domain which all the links will be do-follow. Is it not fantastic? It is really so helpful for managing all the links in your website.

  • You can download and install it from here.

8. WordPress backup to Dropbox – Total Backup Solution 

For safety reason, you should keep backup of your website. If anyone hurts your site, you can restore it as previous. So, do it daily or weekly. If not possible try to backup ones in a month at least by WordPress backup to Dropbox. The benefits of this plugins it keeps the backup on the Dropbox. Similarly, you can select automatic backup by this plugin. It supports all types of files and database for taking backup.

  • You can download and install it from here.

9. Redirection – Free Redirection Solution for your Site 

Redirection is a free plugin to redirect any post or page into others page or post. If you get any 404 or 302 error, you can redirect it by this plugin, and it’s very good for SEO too. It can redirect all types of link. On the other hand, you can redirect a full website into a new one by this simple and top rated WordPress plugins.

  • You can download and install it from here.

10. MailChimp for WP – Sign Up and Subscriber forms

MailChimp for WP is a very much essential plugin for collecting email address with sign up options by the only email. You can increase your subscription of your blog too by this little plugin, and it’s too much reliable by the user. It can connect with your MailChimp account within seconds. On the other hand, It’s user-friendly and responsive. It will work for every device. Similarly, it will work for all types of form, forum, and WooCommerce platform.

  • You can download and install it from here.

11. W3 Total Cache – Web Performance Optimization for WordPress 

W3 Total Cache is a fantastic plugin in the sense of your website loading time. When you visit any site, or any visitor comes to your site, it connects with PHP and MySQL to load all the pages, and it takes the time to do the whole process. But if you have installed any cache plugin including W3 Total Cache on your website and turned it on, it’ll show the visitor a cached page from your website. So, it’ll increase your website performance.

W3 Total Cache helps to load the website faster, and it also helps to rank your website on the search engine. For this reason, it increases the conversion rates of your website. Above all, it helps to improve the performance of your website.

  • You can download and install it from here.

12. Pretty link – Amazing shortener and link optimization 

Do you use or I think you do it to make short web URL. If you need to do this kind of work, Prettylink will do it in your dashboard, and you can choose an option to maintain shortener similar to your website URL also. For making customized short URL, it can help you. On the other hand, it helps you to make redirection process easier. Another key point, it can replace the keywords throughout the blog. Important to realize, it can track the number of clicks on your site.

  • You can download and install it from here.

13. OptinMonster – WordPress Popup Plugin

OptionMonster is the best solution to build email subscriber. It works as Pop-ups, Footer bars, Floating headers, Sidebar forms, After post forms, Welcome gates, Scroll triggered boxes. It provides an amazing template for creating pop-up email subscriber form. You will get multiple template options to choose for one. On the other hand, you can customize it to your needs. It supports all types of email marketing tools including MailChimp, AWeber, Get Response, Constant Contact or infusion soft. It can surely help you to generate the lead.

  • You can download and install it from here.

14. Click to Tweet – Better Click to tweet 

A good-looking Twitter Tweet button which can be added to your post or page. It can increase your site’s conversion and social sharing rate. You can customize it fully. On the other hand, you can make the link no-follow, or you can remove the via options by this simple plugins. You can also change the color and styles by this plugin.

  • You can download and install it from here.

15. Floating Social Media Icon – Flying Social Media Icons 

Social media is a good source to increase your sites google page rank, Alexa rank and to reach with the reliable customer. Floating Social Media Icon in the starting point or ending point of your post can help you to increase your post social sharing. This plugin works very well for social sharing. It has 30 social media icons, and you can customize it to your needs. You can set the size of the icon too. Not to mention, it’s one the best floating social media sharing plugins for WordPress.

  • You can download and install it from here.

16. Disable Comments

If you want to disable comment section of your default WordPress post or page, you can use this plugin (Disable Comments). It can remove the comments section from the post, page and even you can delete the previous comment by this plugins. On the other hand, it helps to remove default related post and much more. If you don’t want to provide comment section, then you can use it. It’s not must need, but who wants to remove comment section. Surely, it’s a necessary plugin for them.

  • You can download and install it from here.

17. Table of Contents

It’s like a summary in a table of your full post or contents. It gives a great look and summary of the post, and most of the blogger is using it. Table of Content helps to create a list of your post’s heading, and you can show it anywhere of the post. It helps the readers to get full concept within a box. Even they are able to go in their essential area by clicking the title. On the other hand, it helps to attract the concentration of the readers. You can customize the TOC which heading you can show or you don’t want to show. It can help you to provide necessary heading in the first of the post.

  • You can download and install it from here.

18. All in One Rich Snippets

All in One Schema gives a short summary of the post with user feedback in star rating. It gives small juice in the search engine like google, yahoo or Bing. It’s the summary of the article, and it will inform the search engine to show it with the star rating. It helps the readers to get the previous experience of the readers. It can attract the visitors to come into your website. On the other hand, it takes the search engine as ranking factors. Similarly, it helps to interact the visitors to give the feedback by star rating. It is very helpful for review types content.

  • You can download and install it from here.

19. Syntax Highlighter Evolved

If you run a blog to share programming knowledge. You need to show code in your website and Syntax Highlighter Evolved do it very easily with a great look. It helps you to share code with highlighted text. Even it keeps the format as like the code. If you want to use it, you can just copy it and use it on your functions. It can make the process of sharing the code easier.

  • You can download and install it from here.

20. Fancier Author Box

How do you want to finish your post? It ‘s nice to give some details about you. It increases loyalty to communicate with the visitor. Fancier Author Box can create a good-looking Author Box at the end of your post. It supports all types of the social network into the author bio. On the other hand, you will be able to show your latest post by this simple plugins. You can also use it on the post, the page with the social media link or latest post.

  • You can download and install it from here.

21. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the only one popular and great plugin to sell products by your website or blog. It can help you to create the amazing call to action and cart options from your blog. On the other hand, it helps to sell the product with interactive dashboard and payment options. You can control all the products and list from the dashboard. Overall, you can do all the things by this free WordPress plugin.

  • You can download and install it from here.

Check out this detailed tutorial to learn how to setup WooCommerce.


At last, I’ll tell, WordPress Plugins make your website more dynamic and professional. If you want to make your website more user-friendly too you have to use it. On the other hand, a lot of plugins can slow down your web site. So, use plugins that are very necessary to fulfill your need and user satisfaction. Hope you will get this article helpful. If anything needs, express it from the comment section and share it on your social media.

Thanks a lot.

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