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The future of user experience – explained!


The future of user experience – explained!

User eXperience or UX designs are the art of creating with the people in mind. You have to be able to understand the wants and needs of your target audience in order to create something that is worth their time. It’s becoming more and more apparent that UX is a valuable part of any design project and should not be taken lightly. Hiring the expertise of UX designers is set to continue for years to come. Let’s explore the future of UX design in details.

The rise of UX design:

The widely accepted consensus by UX professionals is that “You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people”. So the question has arisen, shouldn’t all design be UX focused? And doesn’t all design incorporate a UX focus?

The term UX has been around for 25 years, created by none other than Don Norman, who is the Director of the Design Lab at the University of California. This term was coined in order to describe the act of prioritizing the users’ needs and incorporating them into the design. Over the past decade, UX design has become a more refined profession and refers specifically to mobile app development and web development.

UX design today:

Smartphones have pretty much taken over the world in the past 10 years, and bringing with them, the nouveau lifestyle driven by social media and the internet. Accessibility, speed, and aesthetically pleasing design have become so significant and important for smartphone users everywhere, that anything else just will not cut it.

Experts believe that the pace of the development of smartphones is slowing down in comparison with the years of conception. It seems that the past decade has been spent refining and solving any design flaws of the smartphone. An example of this is that Apple iPhone, the changes made to the designs of these smartphones every year are incremental and are more feature and application based.

It seems that technology and design based problems have already been solved, whether this is smartphone technology, or whether this is to do with design patterns in websites – it seems that UX design is meeting our needs and answering our questions. Rather than creating solutions to new problems, this profession is now about knowing what people want and following user habits and trends. So, where can UX design go from here?

The Future of UX Design:

As new technology is being determined and created, there are new and exciting avenues for UX design to turn to. Developed economies fixate on the service industry, catering to consumer and user needs, and most importantly, where user experience is favored above all else. As these economies become richer and more established, the need for UX design will grow with them, as this concept of creation is a necessity above all else.

As virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology begins to assimilate into everyday life – which is estimated to be within the next decade. The new market of virtual thinking and being will require a whole new level of virtual user experience, designed to assist users in their navigation. Virtual reality and augmented reality are currently being introduced into the commercial market as more of a novelty, for gaming and entertainment, but industry experts believe that there will be more of a lean towards business use – for interviews, training, and even business meeting.

As this technology breaks the parameters of modern convention, a requirement for great UX is essential, without it, the experience will become disjointed and rejected by the business world.

So many industries are leaning towards automation and artificial intelligence, but this will not be a reality for UX design in the near future, as the foundation of user experience is getting a real understanding of what people want and how they can get it. Human UX designers will always have the creative edge, and will always have a better understanding of human interest and needs. Artificial intelligence is going to rather assist designers in the design process, for example, thousands of logos, color schemes, layouts, and images could be generated from a computer in a matter of minutes.

The future of UX design is set to remain detail oriented, and extremely necessary for successful technologically focused design. As technology evolves, the role of a UX designer will become even more complex and specialized, as they will have to evolve with it and premeditate any further future trends and changes.

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