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Top 10 Creative Navigation Menu Ideas to Make your Site More Attractive


Top 10 Creative Navigation Menu Ideas to Make your Site More Attractive

A Good-looking menu makes your website more attractive. At a glance, a person is really impressed by the navigation menu of a website. On the other hand, designer feels hesitation for choosing the right one for them or for their client. I have seen, a lot of developers are researching to make some exceptional menus. But they are failing. So, as a designer, How would you feel if you get some creative and simple navigation menu ideas in one place?

Yes! I’ve made a list of top 10 out of millions of creative and simple navigation menu idea available on CodePen. All the collection of the menus are so creative and the idea is also unique. I think it will give you a solution in the navigation issues which would otherwise make you doubt. If you are looking some responsive and good-looking menus, this post will help you to please your clients.

If you see the following error when running pens “CodePen requires a referrer to render this. Your browser isn’t sending one.”, you should be able to click on “Edit on Codepen” to see the pen in action. Apparently this is to prevent phishing.

Top 10 Creative and Simple Navigation Menu ideas:

1. Scroll Down – Scroll To top then fixed Navigation:

Scroll Down is an awesome navigation menu idea who for those who wants to make a full-width website. The navigation menu has been built with the combination of CSS and jQuery.

When the page will load for the first time, the navigation will appear in the bottom line of the web page. By the same token, when you will scroll down the page to the next page, the navigation will go upper side maintaining the time of scrolling. At last, if you scroll and go down for more pages the navigation will stay on the top side of the webpage beside the logo.

2. Bolt – One Page Navigation CSS Menu

It’s a one-page Navigation Menu website. If you want an interactive one-page web page like portfolio or overview of a website. You can easily use this menu. The menu has been built with CSS. You can highlight your work properly by this navigation system. On the other hand, the code is very clean and optimized.

When you go one menu to another it will open with an awesome combination of different color. At last, you will able to add more function like blog or details link from the more + menu. I think you will be a fan of this navigation system to build a single page website.


3. Velocity.js fullscreen flexbox overlay navigation

Velocity.js is a full-screen navigation system web page. It’s so amazing in the sense of looking. The whole snippet has been created by the use of CSS and JavaScript. The menu system of the flexbox opens like animation which is very attracting.

If I give you some description about the navigation panel, you will see on the right and the upper site of the website a navigation indication (hamburger icon).  When you click on the navigation symbol, it will open the whole menu of your website. The color effect and hover effect works like animation. If anyone wants to reflect his or her creativity with the first-hand experience, it will make an extraordinary and unique view for them than anyone.


4. Pure CSS Off-Screen Navigation Menu

Those Who wants to make a very simple web page with the different color combination, it will be the right choice for them. The navigation menu will be closed by a hamburger icon. Therefore, when you will click the navigation indication it will open all the menus. The menu has given special hover effect as well as menu text will change following the color.

If you want to give a different unique look for your website, you can giive a try with this simple creative navigation menu.

5. Responsive overlay menu navigation

One of the interesting points of this navigation system is that it will open in a column link structure. Similarly, the hamburger icon will open the menu bar. When you click it will open with overlay alongside the entire page.

Additionally, the whole main menu is listed side by side and the sublinks are organized with columns. It has made the full navigation system very interesting. On the other hand, It will help to scan the menu a lot easier. The visitor of your web page will get the whole idea of your web page within one look in one place. Consequently, you have the opportunity to add lots of pages and it will increase your visibility from one place.


6. Material design navigation

Material design navigation makes a unique web page with an interactive navigation system. As the navigation will start after the click on the hamburger icon. It’s very modern and outstanding looking.

When you click on the navigation icon, it will open the menu with a gorgeous color. Accordingly, it will reduce very little the whole web page. In that case, it gives the web page an exceptional look. Consequently, it will show a cross icon and you can easily remove the full navigation panel easily. Then again, you can easily come back on the menu again and can visit other pages easily. Hover effect in the menu has made it more highlighted.

7.Full-Screen Hidden Navigation

Full-Screen Hidden Navigation gives more humor in your website. At the same time, it attracts the concentration of the visitor. Together with the full web page will work on the mobile devices as like others.

In this navigation system, when you click on the hamburger icon (which has been made in a circle also), it will open the whole page like a wave. It will look like starting a new door of your dream. One the other hand, you will able to add a menu with a list. If you take a look at the web page, you will understand the system more easily.


8. Canvas Navigation

Canvas Navigation is a good-looking and impressing navigation system. It creates a full page’s navigation in the left when you click on the hamburger icon. Most interesting and amazing part of this navigation panel is, it will give you a live grid.

Though it will open the whole web page, the text of the main web page will not disappear. It will go under the navigation panel like the shadow. Exactly, It will make like real overlay navigation system.


9. Radial Pop-Out Navigation

It’s so easy and amazing navigation system. Mainly, the navigation will open like a pop-up. Important to realize, the pop-up is not so simple, it will feel like opening an animation art from the hamburger icon.

Who wants to make very simple but an awesome web page with interactive navigation, going with it will be a very good decision. Accordingly, the hamburger icon will open 5 menus in a circle with the popular social media icon. The hover effect will make the icon more outstanding.

10. Smart Fixed Navigation

The surfer of your web page like to go back and forth in the menu very easily. But when they read full content they can’t get any navigation panel beside their cursor. This simple but creative navigation system can solve this problem.

It has made a common navigation panel in the header and the header is not full-width as well. But gives more attraction than other. On the contrary, you will find another navigation panel on the bottom side of the page. Though it will appear when header navigation menu will disappear from your eyes.



At last, I will tell Responsive navigation makes the whole web page more interactive. But I will recommend you not to decide by looking only, you should give importance of the user experience also.

If you feel comfort with the above navigation ideas, bookmark this page for further use. Never hesitate to share the page with others. Also, Share your favorite Navigation menu ideas with us. Thanks in advance.

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