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NewsBuilder – the scam you are willing to pay for 27.9$, because it is marketed well


NewsBuilder – the scam you are willing to pay for 27.9$, because it is marketed well

Recently I found out that one of my plugins in which I invested a large amount of work was re-branded without me allowing it, and sold on JVZoo, under the name of NewsBuilder. The original plugin is called Newsomatic, can be found here (right now it is on a Cyber Monday sale, 50% off).

The Newsomatic plugin was edited, they changed it’s name, it’s CSS for the admin menu, to make it visually different and stripped from it some features that they considered useless. But left everything else the same.

Also, what I noticed is that they invested a large amount of money in this project, because they are running actively ads on it. Also, the landing page looks like someone was paid a lot to do it, it has videos and has a good design overall. They also made custom videos and tutorials for it.

If you search the net for NewsBuilder, you will see that results are swarming, they guy has an extensive network of affiliates for this and he made a large amount of sales, based on them (probably a couple of hundred, maybe even a couple thousand sales), in 2 weeks – my original plugin sold just over 500 times, in over 1 year, since it is available on CodeCanyon.

Mostly, I like their claims on their sales page: 59$ made from passive income in 1 day, 122$ the next day, 487$ in 7 days, 1129$ in 14 days, 1833$ in 30 days. Yeah, right… 🙂

I also contacted directly the person who is behind this, here is our nice conversation about this:

ME: Hello, I found today a sales page (through JVZoo) which markets a plugin that was re-branded from my Newsomatic plugin available for sale on CodeCanyon (where I have an exclusivity agreement for it, so this will create issues for me if I don’t take it down). Please contact me on this issue, so we can chat about it. Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

GEE: Hi Szabi – its not the same plugin. It’s been coded from scratch. None of your code has been used by the development team. You can now call each other and see information like Active Status and when you’ve read messages. Also ours is not on sale at code canyon.
ME: I see that I have to contact also other people in regard of this issue because you don’t seem to cooperate have a good day, we will be in touch again, soon

GEE: I’m not sure what you mean. The product/code etc is completely different. If you can show me code which the developers have used of yours please let me know. I’ve been assured that no code has been copied. But if you can show me then I will deal with those responsible.

… (more similar talks that are actually a waste of time for me) …

The conversation ended with:

GEE: From my understanding code is completely different and I’ve been assured of that. If you can let me know if this is not the case then I can deal with this on my end also. We’re also adding many different features in the coming months anyway.

*EDIT*: 1 day after this conversation, he restricted my Facebook account to see his profile.

So, yeah… I will let you to get your own moral of this story.

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  1. Konstantin

    26/11/2018 at 14:11

    Hi Szabi, it’s good that you post something about that software.
    Hopefully people will find that article fast, so they won’t buy the scam.

    I checked out the sofware last week and figured that it’s a scam, relatively fast. A lot of things are broken and the feature, where they promise you reddit trafiic is just a fake campain builder, which has no use whatsoever.

    I was wondering why some features were working, because it seemed an awful lot of work for a scam launch. I thought it attracts all the affiliates though, who didn’t look further into the software.
    Anyway, now that you mention, that they stole your code it all makes more sense.

    Good luck with the situation

    • CodeRevolution

      26/11/2018 at 18:35

      Hello Konstantin,

      Thank you for letting me know info about the code and feature quality of the NewsBuilder plugin. Do you happen to have a copy of the plugin in your hands? If yes, could you send it to me, please, so I can compare the code of the two plugins directly?

      Szabi – CodeRevolution.

  2. Amit

    27/11/2018 at 15:50

    I’ve a copy of that plugin if you need.

    • CodeRevolution

      27/11/2018 at 19:08


      Thank you. I appreciate it. 🙂

      Szabi – CodeRevolution.

  3. Moxie

    29/11/2018 at 06:02

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    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

    • CodeRevolution

      29/11/2018 at 07:52


      Thank you for letting me know about this issue. Can you tell me, please, where do you see this error message on the page? I checked, but for me it is not appearing.

      Szabi – CodeRevolution.

  4. Steve

    13/04/2019 at 14:33

    I bought Newsbuilder and unfortunately didn’t get a refund before the 30 day money back period expired.
    I say unfortunately because it is a useless piece of software – in some ways i hope it wasn’t stolen from you – and after contacting Amit Gailwad who promotes the software as written and supported by himself, he said he would correct any errors but asked me to raise a ticket. The link to the support desk given in the welcome email no longer works.
    Basically, these guys are acting like scammers.

    To add insult to injury, as I was listing issues with Newsbuilder, he insisted I have a look and buy his latest software.

    Scammers and churn and burn artists.

    • CodeRevolution

      15/04/2019 at 17:02

      I am sorry to hear this. NewsBuilder was copied after my plugin Newsomatic, however, the programmer that copied it, did not do a good work, he copied the features in a bad programming style, and the final plugin that they got is full of issues and not working properly most of the time.

      If you payed by PayPal, you can try asking for a refund directly from PayPal.

      Szabi – CodeRevolution.

  5. Kenneth

    28/04/2019 at 08:41

    Thankfully I found your YouTube video,for this product… I was going to buy,but not now, I will be purchasing your one, plus I will certainly look at your other products…also delighted to see your plugins work with spin rewriter software.
    Once again,many thanks..

    • CodeRevolution

      28/04/2019 at 11:20

      Thank you for your purchase. 🙂

  6. Liz

    08/02/2020 at 16:43

    This was very helpful.
    I was planning to buy the software but decided to check the review.
    Would check out Newsomatic

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