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37 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates


37 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates

Searching for the perfect Admin Template Dashboard for your site/project? We’ve been there too! With hundreds and thousands of choice, comes the frustration of choosing the right one. Will it fulfill your needs? Will it function properly? Does it have the design that you’d love to see on a daily basis? Does it have enough customization you need? There’s just so much to consider when choosing an admin dashboard template.

On the other hand side, if you are a developer, building an admin dashboard template from scratch takes a huge amount time. It’s just not efficient to work on admin dashboard template every time you build a new project. You should rather spend your time doing things that are actually worth it. Some of the admin dashboard template in this collection is open source. You can directly plug it in your project or customize to suit your needs. Thank us later after saving a crazy amount of time.

Whether you’re looking for an admin dashboard template for your personal use or to use in your project, we’ve got something for you. We’ve taken the time to look at tons of admin dashboard template and cherry-picked the absolute best of them. We believe, this enormous list of 37 admin dashboard template will save you some time and frustration while help you find the perfect admin dashboard template of your flavor. And what’s best, they are all FREE! We’ve hand-picked the list of 37best free Bootstrap Admin and Dashboard templates. Let’s get started!

Core UI

Core UI is our most favorite of this list. It’s beautifully crafted using top of line technology like Bootstrap 4, SASS etc. It offers 6 different versions including HTML5 Static, HTML5 AJAX, AngularJS, Angular 2+, React.js & Vue.js. So, You can use this admin dashboard template with any type of site or app. Also, Core UI is an open source project licensed under MIT. Which means you can use it in your project freely!

In terms of design, Core UI is elegant. It has a flat design which is simple to use and yet very feature rich. It comes with decent customization options. Core UI features a fully responsive layout.

More Info / Download

Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard is another admin dashboard template that we love. It is built around Google’s material design guidelines. The UI and UX of this dashboard is top of the class. It’s built on top of Bootstrap, so it’s completely responsive. Beside the native component, Material Dashboard has some popular third-party plugins redesigned to match the beauty of the material design. It’s sure that Creative Tim, the creative studio of this admin dashboard template, took their time to polish up their product.

This amazing admin dashboard template is also under MIT license, so you can use it in your project without any fuss.

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap dashboard is another admin dashboard template that’s very popular in the developer space. It’s from the same amazing team of Material Dashboard. They have a sharp eye to the details and they strive to keep the dashboard lightweight. As a result, you get a beautiful, sleek and fast dashboard template.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is built with, as the name suggests, Bootstrap and is fully responsive. It also has Angular 4 and some other versions to suit your needs.

More Info / Download

Paper Dashboard

Yet another dashboard for Creative-Tim! This one also has all the same great features like their other products. It’s responsive and has a different version for Angular and Vue. It uses white and other lighter shades of color in the UI. Go for it if that’s your taste.

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Flat Admin Dashboard Template

This one is for those who flat design fans. It features a flat design with bright colors. The UI is nice and simple. It’s built on top of Bootstrap 3 and has components like data tables, charts, card elements, forms etc.

More Info / Download

Minimal Admin Panel Template

As the name suggests, this one is extremely minimal in its design. It’s one of the cleanest admin dashboard templates we’ve seen. The dashboard includes lots of reusable UI components. It also has components like cards, charts etc. And of course, it’s responsive.

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My Admin Lite

My admin lite is another light and clean admin dashboard template. It has an uncluttered User Interface. It’s responsive and offers easy customizability.

More Info / Download

Dashboard by Keen IO

This one is a sweet treat for devs! It’s simplistic admin dashboard template that’s very very easy to plug into any development projects. It’s an open source dashboard template and quite active in development. They have the basic skeleton on GitHub which you can grab and use in an instant! They also have very nice documentation for its usage.

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Dark Admin

Okay, so that’s a lot of white/light dashboard templates! Now, this one is for you if you are a black fan. This admin dashboard template is almost pure black. So the data is vibrant to the eye. It has 10 different pages and has all the common features that you might expect.

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NGX Admin

This one is a visual treat for the eye! It has mind blowing gradient based colorful UI that feels so sophisticated and sleek. It looks modern and has all the modern features as well. Also, it’s also built on top of the bleeding edge late technology like Bootstrap 4, Angular 4 etc. It includes lots of UI component, icons, from etc. Also, it’s very developer friendly.

More Info / Download

Brilliant Free Admin Dashboard Template

Brilliant is a brilliant dashboard with simplistic and easy on the eye UI. All the data is beautifully organized using tables and charts. It’s responsive and customizable. It has built-in Google Font and Font Awesome icons support.

More Info / Download

Modern Admin Panel

Modern Admin Panel features a UI with a combination of green and black. The layout is 100% fluid. It has all the needed features like charts, tables, navigation and a sweet calendar.

More Info / Download

Karmanta Lite Admin Dashboard Template

Yet another white based dashboard template. The UI is clutter-free and has a lot of white space to take a breath. It’s pretty simplistic on the functionality side as well. Kramnata will get the job done without any clutter. It’s customizable and includes a lot of pages.

More Info / Download

Bluebox Admin Dashboard

Bluebox is inspired by the Metro design UI of Microsoft. It looks clean in the bule and white color scheme. It’s fully responsive and features charts, customizable fonts and icons, forms and everything else you’d want.

More Info / Download

DashGum Dashboard

DashGum is a modern looking dashboard that has a nice and clean UI. It includes a whopping 15 pages! No matter which kind of feature you’d want in a dashboard template, DashGum has it. It features panels, cards, todo lists, notifications, charts, customizable icons, and fonts etc.

More Info / Download


KAdmin another admin dashboard template focused on simplicity. It comes with a lot of customizability options and it’s fully responsive. It also includes an e-mail template which can be a huge benefit if you run a blog.

More Info / Download

Hierapolis Dashboard Template

Hierapolish is a modern admin panel with a clean flat design. It’s very well designed. The items are placed with a lot of space in between so it looks fresh to look at. Hierapolish is built on top of Bootstrap.

More Info / Download


Klorofil is a dashboard with tons of feature. It has a built-in layout builder and UI components. Along with the clean and elegant UI, it provides several page templates. Klorofilf is fully responsive.

More Info / Download


AdminBSB is another material design dashboard with punchy colors and clean user interfaces. It’s beautifully created and the UX is top-notch.

More Info / Download

Lumino Dashboard

Lumino is a great dashboard from Medialoot. It offers multiple pages, advanced data charts, forms, UI elements, and widgets. It’s a responsive template built using Bootstrap and SASS.

More Info / Download

Vali Admin Template

Vali’s clean and bright UI looks like it took some inspiration from Microsoft’s Metro UI design principles. It offers multiple attractive color schemes. The UI customizability of Vali is astonishing. It is made using Bootstrap and Pug which is another reason for being one of our admin dashboard templates.

More Info / Download

Novus Admin Panel

Novus is a flat design admin panel template that includes lots of UI components. Besides having a fluid layout, Novus also offers rich data presentation via charts and graphs etc. The package also includes the Photoshop source files.

More Info / Download

MVC Admin Template

MVC is light both in the eye and functioning. It’s very simplistic admin dashboard template that simply gets the job done. If you’re overwhelmed by hundreds of the features of other dashboard templates, then MVC is the one for you!

More Info / Download

Hybrid Admin Dashboard Template

Hybrid is a flat design bootstrap admin dashboard template. It’s built with Bootstrap 3.3 and offers a lot of customizability. It has UI elements, charts, tables, forms and all other common features.

More Info / Download

Marvel Admin Dashboard Template

Another nice and clean dashboard template from the same team behind the hybrid dashboard. It shares some similarities in its design language. But it offers a different UI with different color scheme and includes all those cool features.

More Info / Download

Master Bootstrap Admin Template

Yet another admin dashboard template from the same team. This one is a bit more spaced in terms of design. So, it looks even more cleaner than the previous two. Other than that, it includes all the needed features.

More Info / Download

Modular Admin Template

Modular is a modern and sleek dashboard template with an elegant UI and UX. The color scheme is very attractive and robust. They have a very nice and helpful documentation on the GitHub page which is very very handy if you are a developer and getting started with it.

More Info / Download

Single Page Admin

This admin dashboard template is different than most others on the list, you can tell it by just looking at it. Firstly, it’s a single page theme, which means, it presents all the information on one single page. This is sort of thing that anyone who wants to keep things simple and organize would love. Secondly, it features an UI based on black which as you can, is pretty rare in dashboards.

More Info / Download

Rdash Admin Template

Rdash is simplistic admin template dashboards with a clean UI. It’s built on Node.js platform. It includes all the basic features like charts, tables, forms, UI elements, etc. Also, it hosted on GitHub under MIT license, so that you can make use of it the way you want.

More Info / Download


Gentella by colorlib is a pretty advanced admin dashboard template. It has a white-based UI with nice color scheme and good highlights on presenting important data. It features modern charts, forms, UI components etc.

More Info / Download

CoPilot Admin Template

CoPilot is a fork of AdminLTE dashboard template that is mentioned above in this list. Is has slightly different and improved color scheme that would attract any eyes. But the main difference in the two project is that CoPilot is based on Vue.js platform.

More Info / Download

Robust Lite

Robust caught our eyes because of its massive feature list and customizability. It also has a very nice and modern looking UI. The multiple layouts to choose the UI style from is an amazing way to mix things up. Robust also includes hundred plus custom UI elements. It supports multiple platforms so you might use it for any type of sites.

More Info / Download

Ample Admin Lite

Ample Admin is a lightweight admin dashboard template with a clean UI and all other features you’ll need. It’s completely free for personal use. The template is fully responsive. It’s fast and fluid. It includes 7 different page templates.

More Info / Download

Pixel Admin Template

Pixel is an ultra-simple admin dashboard template with a very sleek and responsive UI. It white based interface can customize with a huge variety of colors. Just like above one, this one also has 7 different page templates. It also includes all other needed features.

More Info / Download

Blur Admin

Blur admin is a completely free admin dashboard template that is modern in both look and functionality. It’s very user-focused. You can even request features on their GitHub page. Blur version of the template has a unique look with the gradient like background. It’ll surely give the user a different taste.

More Info / Download

Aero Admin

Aero Admin is a material design based admin dashboard template that features a clean user interface. It’s built on the latest Bootstrap 4 and SASS. It’s very developer friendly and active in development on GitHub. The amazing color combination helps to highlight important data perfectly.

More Info / Download

Boot-Flat Admin Template

Boot-flat is a flat styled admin template. It’s built on Bootstrap and the code is open source. You can grab the template from GitHub for free. It includes every UI component you’ll ever need in admin dashboard template. The Photoshop PSD file is also available so can head start your designing project.

More Info / Download


So, that was our most favorite collection of admin template dashboard. Out of tons of free dashboard template, these are the best ones both in terms of design and functionality. We hope this resource will help find your perfect dashboard or will save you a lot of time completing your projects.

Can’t find your favorite dashboard template in this list? Found any dead links? You can help us improve this list by letting us know in the comment section. If you liked the post, please support us by sharing this post on your social networks.

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