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How to upload non-image files to a WordPress post/page?


How to upload non-image files to a WordPress post/page?

All we know to upload images in WordPress blog but if you have a specification to upload other files ( which is not an image like PDF , Doc ) for page/post in your WordPress blog and didn’t get from where to upload other files (PDF,DOC etc..) than here you will get the steps how to upload any files and give link in post of WordPress blog. Also after reading this article you will come to know,how to upload image if you are new to WordPress.

You can upload images by clicking on Add Image in Upload/Media line just above the editor for description of Add/Edit Post/Page in WordPress admin section. But if you are looking for uploading PDF document or word document file than you might be shock to know that if you will upload PDF or doc using Add an Image,it works (If it will not work than you can click on Add Media). Once file will be uploaded you can click on Insert into Post, which will automatically insert your file URL in to post/page.

Even through it is written Add Image,you can upload any file whichever you want either it is PDF file or Doc file or any other. Below are the steps how to Upload Image/Files in WordPress Post/Page.

1) Login into WordPress Admin
2) Click on Add or Edit a Post from Post Menu navigation
3) Now select text where you what to put the link of file and click on Add Image/Add Media ( Add Image/Add Media is located above editor bar )
4) Click on Select Files to upload file from your Computer.
5) Once the file is uploaded it will shown you options if you want to Insert into Post. Click on Insert into Post.

Once you click on Insert into Post, link with the uploaded file will be inserted into post/page.

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