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Announcing Full Compatibility Between Fbomatic and the WPML Plugin!


Announcing Full Compatibility Between Fbomatic and the WPML Plugin!

The world of WordPress is constantly evolving and we work hard to keep everything up to date, as well as providing more features and new plugins. You may already know that a brand new version of WordPress is due this month (v5.0), and we are double-checking that our plugins will work flawlessly.

Speaking of features, if you want to translate your website into multiple languages, the WPML plugin is a smart choice. This tool lets you easily build and run a multilingual site using WordPress. Plus, it’s a very popular choice for CodeRevolution users. What came natural was to make our plugins compatible with WPML. Although we have already implemented generic support into most of our plugins, allowing you to translate dynamic text (and even settings), you might come across some rough edges. So, we decided to commit into making our Fbomatic plugin officially compatible with WPML, in cooperation with the folks over at WPML.

Both Fbomatic and WPML are excellent solutions for your website, and have a pretty strong history of compatibility. However, users have reported a few issues in the past. For example, certain elements and shortcodes would at times fail to load correctly.

For this reason, we’ve been working with the developers of WPML to ensure that using their plugin and our plugin together no longer produces these errors. We’re happy to announce that Fbomatic and WPML are now fully compatible, as of Fbomatic version 3.0.1!

This should offer a smoother experience when building your multilingual website. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, you can contact the WPML support team and they’ll be happy to help! Also, feel free to contact us for and we will also gladly help solve found issues with our plugin.

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