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Writing a PHP command line script that takes options


Writing a PHP command line script that takes options

First of all, we make our file start like this.

#!/usr/bin/env php

This allows us to run the script without prefixing it with the “php” command, and instead we can run it like this:

chmod +x myscript  # This gives execution permissions to the script, do it only once

./myscript --first=option --second --third=option

If we want our script to take options like in the example above, we can use this snippet:

$options = array();

foreach ($argv as $arg)


    preg_match('/\-\-(\w*)\=?(.+)?/', $arg, $value);

    if ($value && isset($value[1]) && $value[1])

        $options[$value[1]] = isset($value[2]) ? $value[2] : null;


The $options array will hold the supplied options. You can then use them like this:

if (!isset($options['somevalue']))

// show an error

if (isset($options['dosomething']))

 // do something

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