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Creating Effective Web Copy that Sells


Creating Effective Web Copy that Sells

Eventually, an Internet company will suffer from low rankings. The cause may be unknown, but the solution is. With a little work, websites can easily improve rankings. By understanding how search engines operate, and by using the right keywords, you can drive targeted traffic to your site.

It is almost to the point where companies need a full-time writer with a firm understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) to draft the content necessary to promote your business. But, if you have a creative streak, there is no reason why you cannot do this yourself. You just have to be careful to have enough keywords, but not too many throughout the copy.

Here are a few tips to success …

Forget everything you learned about writing, to put yourself in the right frame of mind. The web copy you write should be in a conversational tone. That means ‘fragments’ and sentences that end with ‘prepositions’ are ok.

Use a font that isn’t an eye sore. Most webmasters use Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana. Finally, keep content flowing.

SEO Friendly

The rule of thumb when writing SEO web copy is, “less is nearly always more.” Since most Internet surfers scan over the content on a website for important points, it makes sense to keep your paragraphs short and direct. Toss out the fancy phrases that make you sound like a snob. Stick to the basic command of the English Language.

Headings:~6 to 8 words
Sentences:~15 to 20 words
Paragraphs:~no less then 3 lines, no more then 5 lines
Web page word count: 350 words

The keyword dilemma is a never ending vicarious cycle that leaves you feeling numb at times. What are keywords? Who will use these keywords? What search engines should I use? And the list goes on.

Search engines generally have a little box where you may type in a keyword or a keyword phrase in order to locate websites. So, if you typed in “mechanic” or “repair professional”, the search engine would find all websites that have those words in its content. Keyword positioning on each page plays a role in determining how long it takes the search engine to locate your site.

Prior to starting, you want to list all of the words that could possibly be associated with the goods or services sole on your website. These words need to be realistic. A bona fide web copy writer can weave these words in and out of the content so that the copy reads well and is informative at the same time.

Your focus is your home page. Headers should consist of no more than 8 words and no less than 6. Strategically place your keywords within the headline. This will increase your odds.

Remember, the home page is just a glorified sales letter so you want the copy to flow but get straight to the point. A conversational tone is important here so write just like you were talking with an old friend. Still, be sure that the content has those keywords placed throughout it so that the information still flows.

Mistakes to Avoid

Crafting effective web copy takes time and a lot of practice. It is a huge mistake to take a stab at writing web copy without an understanding of how keywords actually work. Your pages will have a lot of keywords but make no sense and people will not visit your site.

Selling is about educating customers about the benefits of buying from you. Don’t waste time on the features, they can learn about them in later pages. People always want to know what is in it for them should they buy from you so this is what you need to concentrate on telling them.

Failing to edit your copy for grammar and spelling errors can lead to problems and lost customers. If possible, have another person read over your copy to get a fresh perspective.

Remember, web copy is merely a serious of informative pages. Each page on your website invites the visitor to go one step further. Ultimately, you hope they will purchase your product or service. But if search engines are not reaching you, you’ll never have the opportunity to introduce potential customers to the benefits.

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