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Article Marketing Benefits


Article Marketing Benefits

While this article refers to publishing articles to such online magazines like, it can also apply to putting articles in your newsletter and email campaigns.

What to write about

This depends on the purpose of your writing an article in the first place.
Is it related to your online business? Promotional?
Is it to simply share ideas and knowledge of particular topic or subject e.g. a hobby or passion?
Are you writing for a targeted audience?

For the sake of this article, the presumption is that you are writing for a targeted audience and it is a part of the promotional activities for your online business.

Why Write Articles?

  • To promote a site or product
  • To build a list
  • To send people to an opt-in page
  • To get one on one coaching clients
  • To sell or giveaway e-books
  • To establish yourself as an authority/expert in a niche
  • To build trust
  • To target a specific audience
  • To update your readers on the latest news and ideas

Many of the above are related or crossover in purpose

Benefits of Article Writing

  • It’s cheap – in fact, free if you do it yourself.
  • It is the only free way to drive significant traffic to a site or page.
  • You can use the article widely over more than one Ezine.
  • Your get backlinks to your site (SEO)
  • You establish a reputation as a credible expert
  • You can highlight your services and products

People Want Expertise
Don’t write for the sake of it – people don’t want twaddle of BS

Know your subject well– so that you can write authoritatively from different angles or perspectives – thus providing your reader with more to consider.

Provide your readers with quality content that not only keeps them interested and reading on, but which inherently is also useful and informative – through the tips and ideas you include, the solutions to problems you discuss.

Write in a clear concise way
Use short paragraphs and sentences
Don’t use esoteric jargon
Be conversational, rather than formal
Keep your grammar and spelling clean

Deliver Value-laden Content

Keep your prospective readers in mind and write your articles (or email newsletters) based on what possible answers or solutions they may be looking for. Imagine you are in a two way conversation and they were asking you questions – and you are providing the answers.

Write the article based on the main keywords you found when researching the topic.

The article should be informative and of a good quality which delivers benefit to the reader.

  1. Introduce the topic (Basically an outline that says what you are going to deliver)
    2. Expand on it – this is how the topic is achieved etc.
    3. Conclusion and summary

Stick to the topic – if there is relevant related information – use that data for another follow up article.

Keep the article to between 300 – 500 words.

Make your headings compelling and enticing – bland is boring
Deliver on what the heading says – except don’t provide the complete solution – you do want them to click your links and go to your site or opt-in page where they will be able to get more.

Use SEO principles where you can
Bold and repeat the title within the body of the text
Italicise it once as well

Use h1 and h2 headings if permitted

The search engines are more likely to display your page/article (or site for that matter) if the content is natural and of obvious value, relevant to the keywords that it is written around.

Optimize Your Articles
Keywords – these are the words that folks use when searching – identify the top ones and note those in high demand. Write the body of your article around them.

Make sure you use/insert keywords relevant to the niche you are writing about.
For example, if you are writing about electronic tags on dog collars – then this must be in the text as it is the primary keyword that will tell Google about your page.

Then add in other KWs (synonyms) that you have found via a keyword suggestion tool such as Google’s keyword tool. Go with some that are less competitive as well.

Also, write around these – this is effectively “latent semantic indexing” – which is a fancy phrase that describes how Google assesses value of content around keywords – that is it doesn’t just rely on the keyword to satisfy a searchers needs – it assesses the content!

It actually also helps your style – by it you avoid repetitive use of the same descriptive word or phrase and you make your writing more interesting to the reader.

Don’t keyword stuff – 1%-3% density is enough – Google doesn’t search purely by keyword alone – and will penalise KW stuffing. (That is approximately one or two KW’s every 100 words)

This is an over-simplification – so do apply all the principles about good keyword usage.

Time and Talent (Outsourcing)
You need to submit at least 3-5 articles a day (Mon-Fri) 100+ a month

If you feel your writing skills are not up to it – then considering outsourcing your articles to someone or a company that provides this service.

A good Article writing service is worth every penny generally.

This will cost (on average) about $10 an article. There are some who are cheaper and some dearer. Don’t pay until you have assessed the quality of their writing skills.

Interview the writer, ask for samples, study what they say they can offer or do. You also want someone who will deliver on time.

Make sure you supply your ‘ghost writer’ with the keywords and clear instructions on the topic or niche.

The Resource Box

The Article directories all have some form of resource box. This is often the only place where you can put a link for your reader. Note: Many won’t accept hyperlinking within the body of the text.

The Practical
When writing your articles or reviewing outsourced ones – make sure your work space is an environment where there are no distractions. Keep the TV off and if you need a break – go outside and get some fresh air and then come back.

Your typing is still 2 fingered? Learn to type properly – it will speed up your production no end.

Make a regular time to write – set aside a set time – don’t just leave the tasks up in the air to be done “sometime today” – you will get behind!

Where to submit
Ezine Articles – by far the largest and most widely read of the online magazines. And, Google loves it.
They are fussy, but if you are submitting original material you won’t have any problems. Just follow their guidelines.

Here are some other article directories where you can submit your articles.
The main benefit of doing this is to build up your backlinks which is good SEO for Page Rank


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