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List Building for Affiliate Marketing


List Building for Affiliate Marketing

All types of links are vital for your affiliate website and affiliate marketing promotional campaigns. Your own email list contains vital links – to potential customers

The money is in the list – well some dispute this – but it is, at very least, one of the best means of building traffic and repeat traffic – and that’s what brings in the dollars. So you decide!

Building a list, and following up with that list, is by far the most important affiliate strategy there is. What type of list am I talking about? I’m talking about email ‘opt-in’ lists.

When you build a list, what you’re really building is a database of prospects – i.e. potential customers.

It usually takes multiple exposures to your sales message in order to get someone to buy from you.

If they get away, then you have no way of getting your messages to them enough times to convert them into paying customers. Make sense?

At the heart of this process is what’s known as an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a special type of email software designed to send, you guessed it, automated messages out to the prospects you’ve collected in your database.

You start with a squeeze page that offers a visitor some benefit (e.g. a free report or useful software) if they sign for it via your subscriber opt-in form.

(Your autoresponder generates the ‘opt-in’ code that you paste onto your web page)

The opt-in code is a box with form fields where people enter their name and email

When someone fills out the form and submits it, the information is passed back to your autoresponder, which stores the information to a database – In other words, you’ve now got a “subscriber” to your list

The autoresponder can then send follow up messages to that person – as many as you choose, and at any interval you choose.

That’s the key: you’ve got all of your follow up messages pre-written, and pre-loaded into the autoresponder.

Please note: this is only a brief outline about how autoresponders and email campaigns work – it isn’t intended as a complete guide.

The Bottom Line
Building a list to attract visitors to your affiliate marketing business and following up is the secret to maximizing affiliate commissions.

When you run your own list, you are able to accomplish several very important conversion-boosting goals:

  • Establish trust and familiarity with potential customers
  • Educate and pre-sell prospects on your product, brand, etc
  • Multiple opportunities to persuade people into buying
  • Ability to promote more than one product, and earn revenue on return customers
  • Ready made source of traffic for all current and future offers

The last two points are the most significant. Any time you need instant traffic, all you have to do is send an email out to your list.

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