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Nurture and blog audience bonding: here’s how!


Nurture and blog audience bonding: here’s how!

It’s important to create a strong bond with the people who read your blog. That connection could end up being one of your most powerful tools for getting people to truly care about what you have to say, and check regularly to see if you’ve posted something new. Start taking part in that all-important audience bonding experience by trying some of the ideas below.

Tell a Relatable Story

Sometimes, it can seem like there are vast differences between the people who post blogs and the individuals who read them. Try to close that gap by reminding readers you’re not so different than they are. One of the easiest ways to do that is to tell a story others can quickly identify with. Maybe it’s a confession about how you struggled during your little one’s first day at school, or even an expression of satisfaction after you got a great deal at the grocery store. Tell these everyday events with descriptive language and a friendly tone. Then, you’ll be on your way to developing rapport with readers.

Offer Help When You Can

During times when you’re feeling particularly adventurous, open the floor up to your readers and invite them to submit questions you’ll answer publicly on your blog. Often, that can be all that’s needed to encourage people to seek help from you, especially if they have questions about something you’re very knowledgeable about. Also, consider ending your blog posts with open-ended questions and letting readers know they’re free to post their insight in the comments section. That helps create a thriving community atmosphere.

Inspire Your Readers to Take Action

Filling a blog with valuable content should only be part of your goal. It’ll also be helpful when you can dispense information in ways that make it simple for readers to act, and empower themselves through that decision. Maybe you’re just spreading the word about something that’s improved your life lately, or perhaps you learned something long ago and feel now is the time to share it with others. Either way, write in a manner that reminds readers they have the ability to take what you’ve taught them and use it wisely.

These are just three ways to spark appreciation within your audience and start to build respect with them. Try them today and see if you start feeling the love, in the form of increased blog traffic and associated profits.

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