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Good Reasons To Start A Blog


Good Reasons To Start A Blog

1. Business related reasons

 To Earn An Online Income

While many bloggers do not make much money online, the potential is there if the right attitude and techniques are applied.

 To become known!

Letting people know you have something of value to say and do. A blog is the best medium to use and for you to become ‘branded’.

 Promotion and Marketing

Boost knowledge and awareness about your business – whether it be a local bricks and mortar business or an online venture. It should be linked to your niche/industry.

 To be Useful

Sharing your experience and/or professional know-how. This is especially relevant in the fields like health, fitness and parenting

 Becoming A Recognised Expert

This is related to the one above. This means using a blog to establish your name and expertise as legitimate and of value to searchers and subscribers. The blog is a platform for your online presence and what you can offer in a particular niche or area of need.

 Especially for income focused blogs, posting frequency is critical for traffic generation.

 It is also important for becoming known as reliable and trustworthy as one who is active in the field (of your niche) and able to provide updated material, services and ideas.

 2. Reasons Unrelated To Business

 For Fun and Passion

Many people, of course, do not use a blog for online revenue, but set up their blogs related to a hobby, for a club newsletter, to keep in touch with family and friends, or even to promote or espouse a political agenda and so on. A blog is an excellent means as a creative outlet – for example, sharing photography and other artworks.

You can, of course, turn that hobby or passion into a business!

Staying Connected

A blog can be extremely useful for families and friends who are scattered all over the country or even internationally. Sharing personal activity updates, videos, family news, stories, photos etc. can reduce the tyranny of distance and maintain real contact.

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