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How To Achieve Your Goals For Online Business


How To Achieve Your Goals For Online Business

Set a specific dateline for your goal completion
Simply knowing your goal is not enough, you need to set a specific dateline as to WHEN you want to achieve it.

Typically when we are asked when we are going to achieve our goals, our answers revolve around “as soon as possible”, “the sooner the better”, “next year”, or “2 years from now”, etc.

Do not use these words because they are too vague!

What does “as soon as possible” or “the sooner the better” mean? Tomorrow? Next week?

What does “next year” or “2 years from now” mean? January? December?

When you set a dateline, be specific. For example, setting a dateline like “5th September 2009″ works great because it is specific.

You see, our brain works a lot better if your goal and the dateline for your goal is specific

Remind yourself on a consistent basis what your goal is
Often, we set our goals today only to forget about them in the next few days or weeks.
This is why you must remind yourself on a consistent basis what your goal is.

Write your goal clearly in big print on your whiteboard so that you can see it every day.
If you don’t have a whiteboard, you can write your goal on your computer wallpaper or cell phone wallpaper, or just anywhere you like. The point is to make sure you can easily see it every day, so that you always aware of what your goal is and not lose focus along the way.

Inspire and motivate yourself
One of the best ways to inspire and motivate yourself is to find out the people in your niche who have already succeeded, and watch, listen, and feel their success.

How much money do they earn every month? What have they done with these money that they have earned? What have they done for themselves or for their families? What kind of lifestyles do they now currently enjoy?

When you are feeling down or frustrated and everything seems to not go your way, stop your work for a moment and imagine yourself having achieved success like these people. Imagine the money that you would have had, and the lifestyle that this kind of money would bring.

By doing this, you will recharge your “down” state so that you become inspired and motivated to work towards your goal once again.

Eliminate all distractions while you are focusing on your work
If you really want to focus on your work so that you can achieve your goal, then you should eliminate all distractions.

What I mean by this is that you turn off your Yahoo Messenger, Skype, MSN (unless you use them strictly for work purposes), Facebook, MySpace, your favourite non-work-related forum, Outlook, your cell phone, and of course your TV.

Because they are total distractions in getting your work done for the day. I’m not saying that you can’t casually chat with your friends or check your personal email or Facebook account, it’s just that you should set aside a specific time for these non-productive activities, so that they will not distract you when you are working. By doing this, you are bound to increase your productivity!

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