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Blog Content Is King


Blog Content Is King

For the best results ($$wise) a blog is needed. Money and blogs go hand in hand!

Amateurs CAN do this – relatively easily and inexpensively, especially if you set up a blog using the best which is WordPress.

Even if as only an affiliate and not doing the bulk of your marketing from that site, it’s still necessary to have a domain to host your landing page and to have an ‘official’ email address for correspondence. This ability to contact you is good for credibility … and SEO come to think of it!

The second thing to know is that affiliate marketing is content-driven 99% of the time. As an affiliate, you’ll put most of your work into creating content.

Content is King!

Content is KING indeed! It is the key to having the search engines find and LIKE your site. All internet marketing experts worth their salt will tell you this – if they knock the idea – avoid them.

The content must be valuable, preferably original – or at least, your perspective on the subject.

It must benefit the visitor – and not be BS, rubbish or plagiarized.

What makes good content (especially content that Google and other search engines like)?

  • Information that is beneficial to the visitor
  • Keyword relevant but not stuffed with those keywords
  • Original or a new/different perspective
  • Content that has both internal and external links

It pays to keep adding valuable and useful content on a regular basis – this keeps your visitors happy and they come to regard you as reliable and will return to your blog or site in the future.

NB They are also more likely to recommend it to others.

The more you obtain this – the better the traffic will be – and that’s essential!

Some types of content you can create:

  • Articles (e.g. 30+ different aspects/topics about your niche)
  • Offer e-courses
  • Reviews
  • Images
  • Promotions – information about them
  • Special reports (e.g. viral ebooks)
  • Bonus products you can give away to add incentive to your offers
  • Advertising copy
  • Multi-media content – e.g. Audio/Video tutorials

I can’t stress enough the importance of content. It’s really the life-blood of your business.

Content writing is relatively easy and makes for affordable internet marketing. There are many internet forums and e-books on the internet that can assist you – with writing, marketing or promotional ideas – and there so many tips on marketing blogs, free videos – all based on real affiliate marketing success – that the danger is you will get too much!

However, if you need help creating content, don’t hesitate to hire out freelance help. You can usually find someone to create needed content for you quickly and affordably.

1. Set up your blog …… click the banner for a no cost summary of our program
2. Add valuable Content to it – that is provide viable information
3. Drive traffic to the site – this is a learning curve of its own!
4. Sell advertising space on your blog (a bonus tactic).

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