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Some Useful Tips For Blogging


Some Useful Tips For Blogging

One of the main reasons new bloggers fail to make their blog a success is a lack or persistence when immediate success doesn’t come charging along.

Persistence is built on a foundation of a few critical steps.

  • Goal Setting
  • Being Consistent
  • Knowing Your Niche and Target Audience
  • Being natural and honest
  • Being respectful to readers and subscribers
  • Being prepared to ask for help
  • Learning the effective techniques
  • Being cautiously adventurous (no, it’s not an oxymoron!)

Goal Setting

This means you have a definite aim (goal) and the steps needed to achieve it. This will help you retain focus and on track. It also gives you a means to measure whether your efforts are working or not – and therefore what may need to be adjusted.

Being Consistent

Especially if you are striving to build your blog for online revenue, then consistency is critical if your message is to be both heard and recognized.

You can’t just occasionally post and expect results. Nor can you post irrelevant materials which do not meet the needs of readers who have come to your blog with expectations of information within that niche.

You are promoting a brand or concept and this needs consistency that meets expectations which will result in reader loyalty and return visits.

Knowing Your Niche and Target Audience

This means firstly that you have become an expert in your niche. This allows you to provide useful, quality information and services upon which readers can rely. It will build both trust and loyalty.

Knowing your Audience means that firstly you respect them and that you provide relevancy. You don’t promote ‘dog training tips’ if you niche is about golf. This will just turn off visitors who have been fooled into coming to your site. This is also relevant to how you use your SEO. It will eventually also tick off the search engines!

To Reiterate

One of the main reasons new bloggers fail to make their blog a success is a lack or persistence when immediate success doesn’t come charging along.

 Persistence is built on a foundation of a few critical steps.

Being natural and honest

Don’t pretend to be something or someone that you are not. In your writing, just write as if your reader was across a table from and you were able to chat about the topic.

Don’t make false promises or ‘give way’ tawdry freebies.

If you don’t know something when asked by a reader, say so, but also say that you will research and get the information for them. Mind you, you should know the basics or it will become clear that you are NOT an expert or reliable.

Being respectful to readers and subscribers

In essence, this means you see your readers as real people and not as cash cows to be milked. Be prepared to offer useful, quality help without always expecting recompense.

Offer to help and ask for feedback. This helps build trustworthiness as well.

Being prepared to ask for help

OK, you are new at blogging – but really want to be successful and effective. Yet, even setting up your blog as a fully-fledged tool is a bit beyond you initially.

 There are many bloggers out there who are quite prepared to offer free advice and pint you in the right direction.

 Or they have blogs that are filled with useful, quality information – coupled with a comments box that allows you to ask questions.

 One example of that is Ana’s Traffic Generation Café.  It is more than simply about traffic – it gets to the core of blogging.

Learning the effective techniques

This is really about your education or learning, and it can help short-cut the process if you find someone or a good program that helps you get started AND then can follow up with all the steps needed to promote and monetize your blog.

Being cautiously adventurous

No, it’s not an oxymoron! I simply mean that it is worth the risk of employing new techniques and tools with your blogging. This will help keep the blog fresh and not be a stale old ‘same old, same old”.

So try new things on your blog. A new plug-in can help your social media linking. A contest may intrigue your readers and keep them interested.

It’s important that you keep your blog fresh by implementing changes that will enhance your blog.

The cautious bit: don’t fall prey to every new bell and whistle that becomes available for your blog.

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