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Optimally Using Images On Your Blog


Optimally Using Images On Your Blog

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Why is it still on the list of the most used phrases? Probably, because it’s so true.

When it comes down to blogging, a great picture will become the anchor that will catch your eyes before anything else does. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that catches your eyes and makes you click on that link to see what the post is all about.

I like funny pictures.

I never look for images that “fit” the post; I look for images that make the reader think: “Love the picture; wonder what the post it about“.

Where to find great images and

Please note: there are certain rules about republishing images on your blog. Some of them you can add to your posts all you want; some of them will require permission and/or link.

How to properly add an image to your post

Make sure your images have ALT tags.

There are the 3 main things you need to pay attention to, plus 2 options, when uploading an image to your blog:

  1. Image Name

Before you even upload your image, make sure it’s named properly and relevantly. That means that you shouldn’t name your image based on what it is about, but rather based on what your post it about (e.g. SEO tactics)

  1. Image Title

After you upload your image, it’s time to add some relevant information about it.

Why is this important?

Search engines do not read images, rather they read a string of code that tells the search engines that this is an image and what the image is about.

Who adds that string of code? You do. Thus, this is a great opportunity to enhance your post SEO by adding some relevant keywords to the title and alternative description of the image.

Edit Image Title: SEO Tactics

Edit Alternate text: SEO Tactics – & the image name(this is your alt tag)

Why You Need to Limit Images

It is important to limit the size and numbers of images on a page as too many can slow down the page loading – and visitors will simply skip on rather than wait.

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