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Hitting A Home Run With the Right Niche


Hitting A Home Run With the Right Niche

Getting it right when we start out in internet marketing is often a trial run for newbie marketers – although all of us hope we are hitting a home run with the right niche straight away.

There is no such thing as a free lunch as you know – and like any business, online marketing to make money online also requires both learning and work – time and effort.

Marketing online as anyone knows is hugely competitive and getting more so. The good news is that the potential is nowhere near at saturation point and there is a place for many more new marketers.

Choosing the right niche – to make money – is not the real question in a way. Sure an in-demand niche is what you want – but it is your approach to it that will mean success or failure.

Learning about the niche concept is one of the more difficult things to master when new to marketing online to make money.

It’s is not sufficient to just have an ‘idea’ as this is not necessarily a niche . For example gardening is an idea – but hydroponic vegetable growing is a niche and hydroponic lettuce growing is even more of a ‘narrower niche. The task then would be to use a keyword tool to see if it fits the high demand/low supply criteria.

Then you optimize for the best terms that describe your niche.

Test It
Just Google these terms (keywords)(20/1/14)

  • Gardening – 58 million pages
  • hydroponic vegetable growing – 991,000 pages
  • hydroponic lettuce growing – 454,000 pages

This is “nicheing it down” as marketer Steve Weber puts it. You would then build pages about all aspects of hydroponic lettuce growing.

This is an example only – actually there is probably not enough information about it to justify the effort – so perhaps the second one is better as it is broader and allows for more information and scope, whereas gardening is way too broad to be a niche.

With niches you can start too small – just as you can start too big.

The ideal niche is one that has high demand and low supply – but with that found, it is your Action and Planning that will mean you can exploit it or not – exploit in the best sense of the word.

What is the use of a great ‘high demand, low supply’ niche if you do not drive traffic to it and build a list of subscribers for your email campaign – which is really the only way you will build a trust relationship with potential buyers.

And, remember these are targeted buyers – they are on your list through their choice.

The casual visitor who has found your site/sales page through a keyword search is not going to be your best customer.

Mind you, these still are important visitors both for the occasional purchase and for your adsense campaign.

The ones who will be your best clients are those who you have built a trusting relationship with through your giving away quality information and help – with a small mix of offers.

What you need is not so much the perfect or best niche – rather a niche where people will go to for help, ideas and solutions – and an action plan to provide what they want.

And, there are thousands of ideas that have great potential – even in the midst of apparently high competition.

Anything from rock collecting to gardening to gem polishing to hunting bows etc, it’s not the idea – but how you exploit it. It is great if you can work in a niche that you are passionate about – but this shouldn’t be a non-negotiable criteria – what works is more important.

Keep your eye out for my articles to come about email marketing and auto-responders.

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