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What Are Site and Page Rankings?


What Are Site and Page Rankings?

While it is not necessary to constantly check on your Page Rank (Google) or traffic ranking (Alexa) it is worthwhile installing a toolbar that keeps you informed.

They do give an indication of how your site is progressing across a variety of criteria – such as backlinks, age, traffic and so on.

Alexa belongs to Amazon and will provide information on the traffic levels to your sites or blogs.

It only measures those sites that have an Alexa toolbar installed. Therefore it really is only a gauge or indicative of your traffic – so use it as such, not as the total be and end of all measurements. It’s really a snapshot if that helps you.

Still, it is worthwhile as many advertisers, or those wanting to buy a site, use it as a measure of worth.

As such it has become, despite its limitations a primary element in site monetisation strategies.

It measures the traffic you are getting to your website – but it is not 100% accurate, but probably accurate enough to show whether your are improving or not.

The progress is given a score – or numerical number. The lower the number the better your site is. For example, 1,250,00 is better than 2,350,870. The measure is taken over the last 3 months.

You know you site is great when you are below 100,000 on the Alexa rankings scale!

Why Use Alexa?

1. It shows whether your site is improving – based on the number of visitors
2. You can use it to see the ranking of a competitor – and if his Alexa ranking is lower than yours – it is worth your time to check him out and see if you can discern why – and then copy his tactics.

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For example: he may have loads more backlinks and is displayed on Google page one. While this may tell you that you need more backlinks, it may also be because his keywords are better.

There are any number of apps available that will help you assess your sites performance. I use them occasionally just to get an indication of where my sites are at.

However, with the proviso, that none I have found give totally accurate information. A simple comparison between them soon reveals this.

Improving Your Alexa Standing
I have garnered these from various sites I have researched, so I don’t have personal evidence on all them as to their efficacy.

1. Install the Alexa Toolbar
2. Include an Alexa rank widget onto your website
3. Recommend that others install Alexa
4. Write in your blog – or even on a page on your website about Alexa
5. There are a lot of Asian sites in the top 500 Alexa rankings – so they are big on Alexa – so,
if and when you have time, explore posting in Asian social networks.
6. Construct a webmasters tool page – and you may find webmasters visiting (and
recommending) as they love to get them,
7. This is one I have neglected and should do more of – utilise StumbleUpon and Digg. It does need that you have good material for linking.

To some extent the above are artificial means of increasing your Alexa ranking so it’s good to remember nothing really beats developing quality and informative content to attract an interested audience.

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What is sure is that most do require more than set and forget – that is you will have to be regular or consistent in implementing them

Indicative Only
Don’t be overly fussed about site and page rankings – if you are regularly adding quality content and doing good SEO, then you will steadily rise in PageRank and down in Alexa.

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