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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog


How To Get Traffic To Your Blog

It’s pretty clear to anyone reading this that you already know that traffic to your website and products or services is vital.

More traffic equals more sales, more ad clicks, more sign-ups, more recognition and, ultimately, more money.

Even promoters of real crap do this and end up with real big incomes – imagine what you can do with a half decent product!

There are only three ways to generate traffic.

I. Buy it
With PayPerClick advertising, renting opt-in email lists, buying text or banner ads etc.

Buyer beware unless you really know what you are doing.

2. Create Traffic 
SEO – on page and off page. Article marketing – probably the most effective. Sending out press releases, submitting to directories, emailing your list, social media networking
(Twitter et al), bookmarking.

3. Borrow Traffic
Through joint ventures, trading Ezine or newsletter ads, trading blog posts etc.

The following tactics fall into one of the three above means of generating traffic

  • Write and submit press releases (there are free ones and inexpensive ones)
  • Promote your site using free or very cheap classified ads (e.g. AdlandPro)
  • Leave comments on other peoples blogs
  • Use Craigslist
  • Create a viral software program and give it away free
  • Send a free copy of your product to other site owners in exchange for a product review
  • Participate in
  • Sell a cheap but extremely useful PDF formatted e-book on Amazon full of links to your sites.
  • Exchange reciprocal links with other related sites
  • Use social media – but for big traffic, become a master at it – and not just an occasional user
  • target your website to low competition niches using long-tail keywords
  • Offer a free email mini course or e-course
  • Make sure your site’s content is worthwhile and worth coming back to
  • Start your own affiliate program and let your affiliates send you visitors (see next lesson)
  • Use video marketing
  • Encourage visitors to subscribe to your RSS feeds
  • Have a companion blog to your website (WordPress)
  • Analyse your stats and find out what is working and do more of it,
  • Participate in your niche’s related forums
  • Use BUM marketing

I don’t recommend PayPerClick or Adwords for beginners – it is really a method for those with expertise or it can be really costly.

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