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Finding A Niche Market – Part Two


Finding A Niche Market – Part Two

Getting that really good niche – with loads of demand and low supply is the goal of online marketers. So how do we go about finding a niche market?

Entering a Market That Is Hot
This is the first issue and concerns entering a hot market – or a market that seems to have a lot of money in it.

First off – it will be a heavily competitive market – and the major players will be dominating it – with larger budgets, more people and more tools.

The market that fits this bill is Internet Marketing. It is a market where buyers are looking for expertise not just theory. It is not necessarily the best market to start off in. It may be better to wait until you have gained experience in another market.

Look for a market where the level of experience and knowledge does not have to be so high.

Due Diligence

The steps following are a beginning for your first step – RESEARCH!!!!

Step A: Review Amazon
Being the biggest online bookstore in the world – it is a good source to see what are the hot topics currently – simply look at the best sellers. For sure there will be some on weight loss, financial management, debt reduction.

Step B: Popular Magazines
Scope the above out a bit further – check and see what magazines are the most popular – you local newsagent can even tell you what are the best movers. Or visit If a magazine is being produced every month it means they are in profit and that niche is hot

Step C: Keyword Research
With a few of the ideas you have scanned from the above then do some keyword research. This is easy and free – use Google Adwords keyword tool (you don’t have to buy anything) to get a feel for how many searches are done each month. If your niche is “hot tax Reduction Tips” – type that in and see how many results there are. You want over 5000 a month – with higher demand than supply.

Step D: See what the Forums are Focusing on
Joining a forum related to your niche can also give you an idea of how others are tackling their online home business and what issues there may be. Also, how things cam be solved. Just Google –“topic/niche + Forums”

And, of course, there is Google, Bing and Yahoo – type in your idea and see what listings come up.
Additionally, make use of Google’s free tools – Trends and Traffic Estimator.

Don’t under-rate the area of your expertise or work experience. It may well be a great source for developing a niche that can be turned into a valuable work at home job.

For example: you are an accountant. You say – that’s too broad – too much competition. You’re correct – you do need a narrower niche to be competitive with your work at home job.

But, what if you looked at (1) your experience, (2) your speciality or knowledge, (3) the tricks of the trade you have learned on the job.

These can be a source for a narrower niche – “accountancy: best tax reduction tips” – and although there is a broad market underlying this – the keywords for that will benefit you – as you use them in conjunction with the keywords of your narrowed niche.

A few of the best markets available
Health and Fitness
Work From Home
Home Business
Self Improvement
Internet Marketing
Relationships (e.g. get your ex back!)
Nutrition and weight loss
Digital cameras
Gambling/sports betting

They can all be filtered to narrower niches which is really important when finding a niche market.

Some more advices

On the other side, one of the most important tips for blogging success is to avoid competing with yourself!

Use these and other tips for blogging success to make sure your blog is relevant, useful and informative.

In other words, if you have a page promoting an affiliate product, don’t use Adsense on that page. (You can stipulate which pages are for Adsense)

  • Use an RSS button – make it obvious and on the top half of the blog – this allows people to easily subscribe and get updates delivered to their inbox or Google Reader.
  • Use images (with alt tags) – these are more likely to grab a readers attention than pure text, especially if that person is merely trawling around – which readers of blogs are more likely to do than website visitors.
  • Include videos – and link with a YouTube account
  • Internal linking: make reference with linking to other blogs of yours that are relevant to the page you are writing – this makes it easier for a reader to find.

These tips for blogging are by no means exhaustive, but they will start you off.

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