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How to make the most of WordPress Security


How to make the most of WordPress Security

WordPress Security is vital rather than optional in today’s online world especially for website operators and owners. Spam hackers are always looking for security holes in your system to exploit. They post malicious material on your site, link to spammy sites from yours and destroy your hard earned reputation or even hijack your website and use it to display images most would rather not see. The worst case could be your site is hijacked and flagged by the search engines as an “Attack site” and trust me you don’t want that.

None of this is hard to stop if you take some basic WordPress Security measures that are built right in to wordpress.

Security of your website should be one of your first and highest priorities especially when you install WordPress. Because WP is an open source software its not SECURE right from your install. In fact what makes WordPress so powerful as a tool is also its Achilles heel. You have to take extra steps to make it secure, the tools are there but they are essentially turned off.

Pre-emptive WordPress Security

Pre-emptive WordPress Security means that you install WordPress with all the built in security in place and activated. In order to do that you must make some fundamental changes to your WordPress file structure as soon as you have installed it. This is easy to do and I will show you the steps you need to take in another post. Its important to also back-up your wordpress files and database on a regular basis, at least weekly and no more than bi-monthly. And the final piece of the pre-emptive security measures is to make sure that you update your installation as soon as new patches are produced for both WordPress, the plugins you have installed and the themes that are on your blog.

Preventative WordPress Security

As the name suggests we can also prevent security hacks by using comment SPAM protection to prevent comment spam and spam linking from our blog. We can also change some common aspects of our wordpress login by changing our Admin interface details. We can change our server file structure to offer additional security that would require a server side password be used to protect the core of your Wp installation. Finally we can add a plugin to our blog that is used to routinely scan our installation looking for problems.

Restorative WordPress Security

In this we restore our blog files and database from our most recent back up. This is something that will limit the damage to your hard earned reputation in the unlikely event you are hacked and your site is removed or overtaken.

WordPress Security is no laughing matter

I urge you to take complete and correct action to secure your wordpress blog from serial hackers looking for a cheap promotion, using your website. In the course of the next few days I will show you in detail how to secure your WordPress installation from the multitude of potential ways that a hacker can exploit. this will include how to back up and restore any files, folders and databases should the need arise. I will show you how to change the standard wordpress table prefix WP_ to something more secure and how to change the login details from the standard Admin to an author name of your choice.

WordPress Security is an important aspect of your overall WordPress blog. this should act as a warning to ensure WordPress Security is taken seriously.

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