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Steps involved in starting a blog – A quick list


Steps involved in starting a blog – A quick list

What are the steps involved in setting up a blog or a website?

Other versions of the same question are: How to blog? or How to start a blog?

So here is a quick list of the steps involved. In the future, I plan to write in details about each step, so stay tuned!

Setting up a blog

Here are the things that you need to do while starting a blog:

  • Keyword research: To decide what to write about, and to identify the right domain name
  • Domain name registration: This would be the permanent home of you blog
  • Arranging blog hosting: This needs to be reliable, so look for a reputable WordPress hosting provider
  • Install WordPress
  • Configure WordPress: Tweaking the options within WordPress after installing it
  • Install a theme: It decides the look and feel of your blog, but it does  a lot more than that – so choose your theme carefully
  • Install basic plugins: Install the mus-have plugins for your blog
  • Install other important plugins: These would be the plugins for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), caching, database backups, etc.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: Helps you know a LOT about your website and its visitors, so register for a Google Webmaster Tool account
  • Blog traffic tracking service: Helps you know about your visitors and how they come to your blog
  • RSS Feed: Set up and configure your RSS feed
  • Email newsletter service: Email newsletters are the best way to bring repeat visitors (and to earn from your blog if you are interested). So sign up for a good email newsletter service.
  • Social Media: Register accounts for your blog in Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc

I will regularly post content on this blog, to help you with each from these steps.

Earning from your blog

If you are blogging for dollars and are interested in earning from your blog, you would need to do some or all of the following:

  • Ad Networks: Sign up for ad networks like Google AdSense, Chitika, and others.
  • Ad Placement: Decide the initial ad placement (you would tweak this after testing once you have adequate traffic)
  • Email newsletter service: Sign up for a good email newsletter service (if not already done as described above)
  • Affiliate networks: Sign up for affiliate networks and enroll into affiliate programs in your niche / area of expertise. You can also grab some WordPress plugins that will help you with this: E-Commerce Auto Poster WordPress Bundle by CodeRevolution

Blog maintenance and management

These are the things you would need to do on an ongoing basis for maintaining your blog:

  • Building content: Writing and posting regularly so that your blog has fresh content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Interlinking posts, commenting on other blogs, submissions to good article directories, etc.
  • Social Media: Regularly posting on various social networking sites
  • Webmaster tasks: Upgrading WordPress, your theme and existing plugins whenever new versions are released

As I mentioned earlier, I plan to write about each of these topics in detail going forward. So please keep visiting. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my free newsletter by providing your email address in the form found at the top of the blog sidebar.

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