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Backing Up Your Blog: The How and Why


Backing Up Your Blog: The How and Why

Backing up your blog should be a routine measure against hackers and for overall security and piece of mind. There is nothing worse than finding your blog hacked and trying to recover the lost files. This can be very costly and I don’t just mean Money either. Sure its an expensive process to recover the files, ditch the crap the hacker left behind including the re-access hack code he left behind so he could just re-enter at his leisure. And YES that’s what happens. Recovering is only the start, then you have to check all the posts, videos etc to make sure that all is good, nothing lost or corrupted. Its just a huge hassle and one we could all avoid with a little effort.

Backing up your blog – the benefits

Backing up your blog can be done for the most part automatically from within either your WordPress blog and or from within your cpanel at Your hosting company. The capabilities differ from one hosting company to the next. However with a little knowledge you can set up and back up your important files and databases in around 5 minutes and store these in a safe place either on a removable drive or even on your hosting account. The beauty of doing this is it given you complete confidence that in the event you do need to restore your files you can and it can be done with the minimum of fuss.

Step 1- Backing up your blog – start with your Database

Your database contains details of just about every aspect of your blog, its configuration, post id’s URLs and basically every aspect of the visualization. to try and restore these manually is virtually impossible. Even if you could it takes days and is a huge hassle. So install a free plugin called WP DB backup and once its installed and activated watch the video below and discover how to set this plugin up to automatically back up your blogs database from within your WordPress dashboard.

The database is distinctly separate from the folders you need to back up your site to a point where its restoration would be easy and complete. This is not by design, its just that there is no plugin that does all this in one package.

Step 2-Backing up your blog – the important files

In order to be thorough and to capture the important aspects of your blog and its files you need to back up some of the major files and folders from the actual installation on your hosting account. The important files are detailed below.

Primary files and folders:

1. WP-content folder and all its contents.
2. .htaccess file.
3. site maps
4. Wp-config.php

Additionaly you may want to back up; –
5. Wp-cron.php
6. Tracking code uploads or files that are from 3rd party applications.

Backing up your blog – good practice.

I realize that keeping up with the process of regular backups can be tiresome and after a while you will probably fail to see the benefit. I implore you to maintain your back-up to keep the content and your copyright safe and secure. Backing up your blog is vital and like any long term maintenance objective it takes discipline to uphold. if you do as I suggest in the video and you set up a schedule for the database then you only have to login to your hosting account and back up your files once a week. That’s not difficult and see it as part of your business.

Backing up your Blog should be a routine event that is second nature to the overall security structure of your blog and any website you have online. Don’t be like most website owners who feel less inclined to consider the security aspects of an online business. Failure to consider this is the same as leaving the front door of your house unlocked at night, you are just asking for trouble.

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