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The emergence of the Affiliate Marketer as a profession


The emergence of the Affiliate Marketer as a profession

For those people who are eager to start their own online business, affiliate marketing offers the perfect solution for creating a profitable Internet business with little out-of-pocket expense.

Back in the mid-1990s, the Internet was just beginning to really boom. It’s then that a new type of salesman emerged, and that opportunities for new transactions, products and even services presented themselves.

Affiliate marketing was born during this time. The idea was that a company could create products and services that would be sold to consumers through an intermediary. In other words, the affiliate marketer would present the goods to the consumer and the business selling the product would pay the affiliate a commission fee. This is still the basis for affiliate marketing today.

An affiliate is typically given an “affiliate link” which offers proof that a customer has accessed a product offer through an affiliate’s marketing funnels.

Affiliate marketers tend to be more than just simple sales people. They spend their time building relationships with the consumers more than businesses. This enables to sell multiple products from different businesses that are related to the topic that brings together the marketer’s audience.

As an example, an affiliate marketer might create a website that promotes a specific digital information product such as a training course or e-book. When visitors to the website choose to purchase the product, they will follow a link which allows them to complete the purchase. This sale will then be recorded and credited to the affiliate who will receive a commission for the completed transaction.

A successful affiliate is one who is able to drive quality traffic to product offers, and create marketing campaigns that help to close sales. This makes the profession of an affiliate marketer one that requires both the right people skills and a clear idea of what people already want to purchase.

10 Quick Tips About Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

  1. Sell what you are knowledgeable about. If a person is an expert in mobile phones then it is advisable he should sell mobile phones. People will identify your expertise in that niche and will enable you to promote brands in the same niche.
  2. Start own website. You can purchase a domain and web space and use WordPress to create your own website in relation with your niche. Add some SEO optimization to it. A good tool for this is the Gryphon SEO Tools Plugin.
  3. Research and Join Affiliate programs. In our plugin market, you will find plugins that will help you start earning from many affiliate websites. Check out plugins for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, GearBestCommission Junction, iTunes, Open Cart and Envato Market (or the plugin bundle that includes them all). Study them very well before signing up. If you find a new affiliate website, of you did not hear before, if it is asking you to provide credit card it means you might be getting scammed. As this companies give commission on sale so they might ask you for your bank details or PayPal account number. Affiliate programs are usually free of charge.
  4. Marketing product on you website. You will need to add links of the affiliate within your content of website for people seeing you website can click at it. Example if you are writing about the latest Samsung Phones companies would give link of this product which you can include in your content.
  5. People are attracted to visual aids. Most website has visual sidebar. So companies naturally provide with images and clipping for you to add-on your website.
  6. Keep on updating your content. It’s your content which will interest people to come back and visit your website. As the traffic on your website increases viewers will have the opportunity to look at different products you are affiliated with thereby enabling them to buy through your site.
  7. Use analytical tools like Google on your website. It will give you and idea as to the demography of people visiting your site. This will enable you to choose the right products to be affiliated with to increase. Sale. Example if people visiting your site are young from age group of 18 to 30 and you are affiliated with products like home decor or redecorating kitchen. It will not fly. Change your affiliate to cater to the audience of your site.
  8. Promote your website constantly through different social media methods. It’s a simple calculation. If more people visits your site one day they will start buying from your site thereby giving you commission on sale. You can get some plugins that will do this job for you automatically – check out the Social Plugin Bundle.
  9. You can then create different sites with content for different audiences. Thereby you can be affiliated with different programs for different sites.
  10. In a nutshell a websitean affiliate program + great and new content (provided automatically by one or more of our plugins) + new audiences = sales = commission income for you.
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