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How To Disable Comments on WordPress?


How To Disable Comments on WordPress?

This is a very common question i have been asked lately. Specially because of the Seo Facebook Comments Plugin.

Which many people don’t know is that you can easily disable a comment for a specific post or page by changing a configuration on the edit page of this post or page.

All you have to do is, first, check if the option is available, it suposed to be bellow the main post content box. If it is not there you have click on the button Screen Options  on your upper right screen of the WordPress Admin, it is suposed to be right bellow your username, next to the Help button.

Once you clicked it will scroll down many options, make sure the option Discussion  is checked, it probably won’t, so check it and scroll the option panel up again.

Now go back, bellow to the main content post, and now you will see a metabox calledof course, DISCUSSION. There are two checkboxes inside it  Allow Comments  and Allow Trackbacks and Pingbacks on this Page.

Now just uncheck both those boxes and save the post, that’s all, you just disabled the comments for the page/post that you wanted. Easy huh?

However, you might want more control over the WordPress commenting system. In this case, you should check out the Silencer Comment Management Plugin for WordPress

Silencer Comment Management WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool to make comment management extremely simple.

  • Limit comments length – set maximum or minimum comments length
  • Disable HTML code in comments – show only plain text comments on your posts
  • Restrict comment posting and displaying on various pages from your website, based on a wide set of rules, including:
    • post types
    • post categories
    • post authors
    • post tags
    • login status
    • user is admin or not
    • user name
    • referral URL
    • webpage URL
    • browser version
    • device type
    • web bot detection
    • IP Address
    • operating system
    • user’s country
    • users language
    • on specific, predefined posts
  • Bulk delete all comments for a post or for specific post categories (post, page, attachment)
  • Hide all commenting related links and feeds from your website
  • Protect yourself and your web pages from spam bots and spiders
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