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4 Ideas to Improve Page Load Time


4 Ideas to Improve Page Load Time

With Google now factoring page load time also for mobile devices, when considering the relevancy of search results, there is even more pressure on web developers to have pages load as fast as possible. Slow page load times can be a burden on many websites. Today, a load time above 10s is unacceptable with 1-3 seconds being considered ideal (and, of course, less than 1 second, more than ideal).

But there are a few ways in which page loading times can be drastically reduced.

1. If it’s static, let somebody else deal with it.

Unless you have finely-tuned servers for static content placed throughout the world, there’s little point in implementing your own static content delivery solution. (Even as jazzy as that sounds).

Rather, offload the problem to Amazon CloudFrontCacheFly or Limelight Networks. It costs next-to-nothing and they most likely do a better job than you ever could. (No offence).

2. ‘Minify’ CSS & Javascript.

You should definitely make CSS and JavaScript code as small as possible as this can have a huge impact on page load time. If the development and production versions of your stylesheets and JavaScript are identical, you should get to work now. But don’t worry, it takes just seconds with handy tools like CompressorRater.

3. Expires & Cache-Control.

Adding meaningful Expires and Cache-Control headers means that your visitors’ browsers cache and revalidate content in the way you wish. Any repeat visits will experience a significantly improved response time.

4. Add W3 Total Cache to your WordPress blogs.

W3 Total Cache is an excellent plugin which will (semi-)automatically group your CSS & JavaScript files together, push them to a content delivery network of your choice.


The speed of a website can be a critical factor to its success. Faster loading websites can benefit from higher SEO rankings, higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, longer visitor duration on site, better overall user experience, and engagement. That is why it is important to take advantage of the many free website speed test tools available out there so you can achieve optimal performance .

List of Website Speed Test Tools

  1. KeyCDN Speed Test
  2. Google PageSpeed Insights
  3. Pingdom
  4. GTmetrix
  5. WebPageTest
  6. Varvy Pagespeed Optimization
  7. UpTrends
  8. dotcom-monitor
  9. PageScoring
  10. Yellow Lab Tools
  11. Google Chrome DevTools
  12. Sucuri Load Time Tester
  13. Pagelocity
  14. YSlow
  15. PerfTool
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