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WordPress autoblogging guide for beginners


WordPress autoblogging guide for beginners

Building successful autoblogs is not easy as it seems and you cannot be a millionaire from them, but if you do it well you can get good steady money. The process of autoblogging is similar as building a normal website,  there are crucial steps that must be done. Another mistake that many people do is to set the autoblog software and think nothing have to be done then. You should look after your autoblogs: tweak them, promote them etc.

On the other hand, the greatest advantage of this sort of website building technique is that once you set the autoblog up, you will not have to spend so much time with it, so you can go on to another project. The beauty of autoblogging is that you can create great amount of sites in short time and if every earns you 30-50$ per month, you can get really good money. But there are must have done steps to achieve this.

Within this article I would like to give some brief guidelines what you need to have and done for autoblogging.

What Do You Need for Autoblogging?

  • Need a domain of course (.com, .net, .org are the best). If it is possible try to find one which contains your main keyword.
  • Of course, you should be familiar with using WordPress (installing plugins, themes etc. ), but there are a great amount of tutorials online.
  • Need one or more WordPress autoblog plugins, like Newsomatic (import latest news content from NewsAPI), Echo RSS Feed Generator (import content from RSS feeds) or Youtubomatic (import video posts from YouTube).
  • Plus, you need some time to promote your site on social bookmarking sites, Web 2.0 sites etc, but this can be automatized by using other WordPress plugins. I will release soon another article on how to get backlinks and traffic automatically.

These are the basic things you have to do to start autoblogging, but they are not enough to be done. There are other tasks that must be done and they are really important.

Steps to be Successful with Autoblogging

  • Keyword Research – This is the most important task. You should find keywords that have low competition, but enough searches. (I plan to release also another article on keyword research).
  • Use SEO Plugins – I suggest you to use the Gryphon SEO plugin as you can tweak it to show proper titles and meta tags automatically. Moreover, it optimize your whole website. But you can use others, of course.
  • You should set up your autoblog software properly. If you use RSS feeds in that case you have to find high quality ones, if you use a WordPress autoblog plugin where you should add keywords and it automatically generates the posts from many sources, in that case create many tests posts to see if it creates quality, relevant posts. Also, you should check the relevant video tutorial for each plugin, here.

Overall, if you want to be successful with autoblogging you should understand that making money with them is only possible if you spend time on them.

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