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How to make a successful web page? The 4 secrets!


How to make a successful web page? The 4 secrets!

How to make a successful web page? The 4 secrets!

UPDATE: For a complete guide for learning WordPress (from Zero to Hero), please check out our newly released tutorial on Teachable:

How to make a web page is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to building a website. Whether you are building a site to generate enough extra income to pay the mortgage or create a whole new lifestyle, there are dozens, if not hundreds of points to bear in mind, however I have listed seven here that I hope you will find helpful.

1. Your page name, title and subject matter should all be the same thing and by that I mean your keyword phrase. For example if the page is to all about ‘how to grow the perfect lawn’ then the page name should be ‘’ , the page, or article title, should be ‘How To Grow The Perfect Lawn’ and the subject matter for that article will be, guess what, how to grow the perfect lawn. Remember search engines judge websites page by page.
If, like me, you write the copy for your web pages by using Works Word Processor or something similar make sure not to copy and paste it directly onto your webpage, it comes with code that can really mess things up. The solution is simple, copy and paste it into Notebook, then copy and paste it onto your web page.

2. Especially if you are at, or near the beginning of your online career, I would advise you not to get into learning the ins and outs of HTML – Hyper Text Markup Language. If becoming a ‘techie’ is the
main thing that attracts you to the internet then by all means spending weeks learning code may be for you. If, on the other hand, you aim is to be a money making marketer then stick with WYSIWYG – ‘what you see is what you get’ website editors.

3. Your page should contain photographs and/or attractive, relevant graphics. A mass of unbroken copy is a great turn-off especially in today’s world where attention spans seem to be getting shorter. When you load your picture onto your web page you will be asked for an ‘alternative text’ or something similar, make this your keyword phrase – it all helps!
Talking of pictures and graphics, did you know they can be links? People are used to clicking on pictures to access information so if you have a picture of a dog and underneath it is a link saying something like ‘Click here to learn all about dog diets’ make sure that clicking on the picture will take your customer to the same place.

4. More on graphics. is great software to handle most of your art work needs, including animated graphics and it’s free! If you have on ‘opt-in’ box on your page, that is somewhere that the web surfer can enter their name and email address, then make sure that you have a least one version ‘above the fold’ – this means that when the page appears on the screen your opt-in box is visible without having to scroll down.

There is a great deal more about how to create a web page to learn but with the right software, and this is available free of charge along with first class guidance also at zero cost, then you too can join the wonderful world of the web. Why not begin a whole new online life today?

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