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Design your websites for energy saving


Design your websites for energy saving

Design your websites for energy saving

The next time you design your site you may want to consider not using an all white design. Why you may ask? Your monitor uses more energy to display an all white site compared to a dark or black site. In fact an all white page uses about 74 watts of power where an all black page uses only 59 watts.

In the early days of the Internet there were tons of grey and black background sites but today the majority of the sites have lots and lots of white space.

So how much power could you save by switching to black?

Let’s use Google for example. They receive 300 million or more queries per day. If they were to switch to an all black design like in the picture they would 8.3 Megawatt-hours per day. An average household uses about 10,655 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. Therefore,  the energy saved per day could power about as much electricity as 1850 to 2500 households use in a year!

Unfortunately, the not so distant future will force us to think like this!

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