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WordPress SEO

WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS available for SEO. WordPress stores its data in a Google friendly format and we know how to ensure that when Google finds your site it gets all the right SEO signals. It is imperative that all businesses have a holistic and coherent approach to SEO and WordPress is the best platform to build your site on for SEO.

WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress has many core features that make it powerful for SEO and give it an advantage over other CMS platforms. And, because of the open source nature of WordPress there is always a steady stream of WordPress SEO plugins that can be used to optimize your site to perfection. We are constantly researching for the best WordPress SEO plugins available but, more importantly, we know how to use them properly. WordPress SEO plugins in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage to your site so if you are using them be careful or contact us for advice.

We are WordPress SEO Experts

With over a combined 10 years of SEO experience we are confident in saying that we are WordPress SEO experts. We have taken clients sites from the hinterland of the results pages to the top spots for very competitive terms. Our hawkish monitoring of Google and its changes allow us to stay on top of SEO game. There is a good chance you found this page from a Google search and if you did, well, QED. Let us use our experience to help you get your site to where you want it to be in the search engines so that it will deliver you leads and business.

On-Site WordPress SEO

When we have optimised your WordPress site it will be perfect from an on-site SEO point of view. Once we hand the finished site over to you we can provide monthly SEO audits of your site to ensure that it stays in tip top SEO shape. These audits will highlight any mistakes you are making with your on-site SEO and within a few months this iterative approach will help you implement proper on-site SEO.
WordPress SEO

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