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Our WordPress Security Audits Automate Backups, Malware & Virus Scanning to Give You Guaranteed Peace of Mind & Security


It’s 4 AM – Do You Know Who is Trying to Hack your WP Site?

Is your username set to admin? Are your databases prefixed by wp_? Do you have all spammy spiders blocked from crawling your WordPress site? Have you even considered your WordPress security? We have. WordPress is the quickest growing CMS on the planet and as it continues to grow it’ll attract more hacker types. That is why you need to ensure you stay on top of your WordPress security.

WordPress Security Audits

If you have never taken any WordPress security steps to protect your site we highly suggest you get in touch with us so that we can safeguard your site. We can conduct an audit on your site to highlight and WordPress security concerns. We can then provide a plan for immediate remedial action to secure your site.

WordPress Security Plugins

There are a lot of very good WordPress security plugins available for you to use however there are also a lot of very bad ones. We have spent years researching, learning and understanding the (few) vulnerable spots in WordPress and know how to safeguard your site which plugins to use and more importantly, which ones to avoid. You wouldn’t add an alarm system to your house without consulting an expert and if your WordPress site is important to you you should take its security seriously. It’s much better for us to safeguard your site now rather than have to help you in a disaster recovery scenario.
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