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WordPress Migrations

Migrating a WordPress Site can be tricky. We have Successfully Migrated 100s of WordPress Sites while supercharging SEO & Speed


WordPress Migrations

With the recent shifts in SEO the physical location of where your WordPress site is hosted has led to a need for WordPress migrations. We have defined and refined our process for WordPress migrations and over the years we have done countless WordPress migrations for clients. Some migrations are done under more frantic scenarios than others like when a site has been hacked but we can handle them all.

WordPress Migrations for SEO

Did you know that Google now checks the physical location of where your site is hosted and this is a ranking factor for your site? If you’re a business based in Ireland and your target (or only) market is in Ireland then hosting your site on some cheap hosting in the US is not going to help your sites SEO performance or search results. By migrating your WordPress sites to a host in the territory where you do business you’ll give your site a much better chance of doing well online. If you need to migrate your WordPress site to a different territory we can advise which host to choose and see the WordPress migration process through from end to end.

WordPress Migrations – WordPress Ace in the Hole

The ability to quickly migrate a WordPress website from one host to another is the ace in the hole for the WordPress platform. With the right knowledge, tools and expertise WordPress sites can be rebuilt or recovered and we happen to have the knowledge. If you need to migrate your site – either in a WordPress disaster recovery scenario or as a step to improve your sites SEO we can help you – get in touch with us now.
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