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Over 50% of your Customers are Using Smartphones & Tablets to make Online Purchases and find new services Online, Are you Ready?


Responsive Web Design – A Business Must!

Responsive web design has gone from being a perceived bells and whistles type luxury to being an absolute must for your business. As the use of smartphones and tablets continues to be more ubiquitous it’s vital that your web site is built with responsive web design in mind. You’ll be happy to hear that all sites we develop have a responsive web design – in this day and age you’d be mad not to.

What Is Responsive Web Design – Exactly?

Responsive web design, at it’s core, is the resizing, scaling and orientation of your sites web content dynamically so that the layout of the site is optimised for the viewing device. Most responsive web design is based on the Twitter Boot strap model which essentially allows your site to “flow” between 12 grids so that the content fits the viewing pane.

Responsive Web Design Baked Into The Cake

It’s important for us to be clear here that when we develop a WordPress site for you we will only use responsive web design. But, then we take it a step further. At every stage of the development process we consider how the content and site will look on mobile and this can influence layout decisions, where calls to action are placed and element size. It’s import for people to be able to easily click on buttons on when using the mobile for example. If you’ve any questions about the responsiveness of your site use that easy to click button below!

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