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HTML5 Development

We have Expert HTML5 Development Skills & We Keep up to Date with all the Latest Improvements in HTML & CSS Development


Expert HTML5 Development

Whether you need bespoke single page development or and entire HTML5 WordPress framework developed from scratch i am the one to work with. We have extensive experience with Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation Zurb two of the most widely used Responsive frameworks. Our WordPress Developers are expert in PHP, Responsive HTML & CSS and our designers understand modern web development frameworks and themes. These two factors combined with our meticulous approach to SEO allows us to create exceptionally fast, responsive and SEO friendly WordPress websites.

Our 10 Point SEO Friendly WordPress Development Process

The only Web Developers delivering 100% compliant websites, by default we adhere to the following as a best practice;

  1. Non Truncated SERPs: We Always Deliver SEO Friendly & Optimized Page Titles & Descriptions
  2. Accurate Header Structures: Let us help you with a H1-H6 SEO friendly page architecture
  3. W3C Compliance: All our pages are coded with the highest HTML4 & HTML5 Standards
  4. Meta Implementation: We help social & Organic SEO tagging every page correctly
  5. Site Architecture: WordPress in the wrong hands can be disastrous for SEO, trust the pros
  6. Image Optimization: We install optimization plugins & automate SEO for images
  7. Sitemap Connectivity: We Automatically sync our sites to Google, Bing/Yahoo, Yandex & Baidu
  8. Speed: Bandwidth light, Speedy WordPress websites are our speciality
  9. A Global Prerogative: We build for a global market and optimize for the planet
  10. Multilingual: We have in-house SEO & development in English, Spanish, Polish & French

The Most SEO Friendly Lean Development Process in the Country

We outrank all our competition for SEO terms across the board and we compete on a global scale with thousands of WordPress SEO and development teams. Our WordPress websites consistently outrank the competition and our clients learn how to easily maintain SEO, SEM and PPC campaigns and become WordPress Marketing experts themselves.

Our Highly Effective SEO Development Process for WordPress

Our Process is lean and agile, we help you spend time on the areas of your development and web design that matter. We help you with low cost tools to monitor PPC, SEO and Web Traffic, while training you the business owner in the logic, strategy and execution. We are the most SEO/WordPress focused and time after time have been proven to be the best delivering results for all our clients.

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Szabi Kisded

Hey there, I'm Szabi. At 30 years old, I quit my IT job and started my own business and became a full time WordPress plugin developer, blogger and stay-at-home dad. Here I'm documenting my journey earning an online (semi)passive income. Read more

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