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Bulletproof tips to improve security on your WordPress site
WordPress Security is a crucial thing for the WordPress Users. If you want to Secure your WordPress Website, then you need
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Update URLs When Moving a WordPress Site to a New Domain
If you want to update URLs of your WordPress Website after moving then you have to read this article. Updating
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Using the_widget to Display Widgets within your WordPress Template files
Code Snippets for WordPress are highly useful blocks of code that we can add to our WordPress sites to extend
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How to Clear Eximstats Mail Database in cPanel/WHM
Whilst monitoring and maintaining the CodeRevolution web server I noticed that the Eximstats database that holds all the server information
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WordPress Businesses: Learn from people who already done it
Adii Pienaar, Comversio I released the first WooThemes theme in November 2007 via my own blog. In the months that lead up to
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Payed ways to promote your WordPress plugins
1. Use Facebook ads and strategically-targeted landing pages. Facebook ads, while not free, offer a great opportunity for reaching the
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Free ways to promote your WordPress plugins
You may not have wads of cash to spend on marketing in the early stages of your new plugin, but
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Tips for Creating Good Plugin Sales Pages
The Basics: A Website and Product Information The first step to marketing a premium plugin is to create a product
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WordPress Plugin Licensing – How to
If your plugin relies upon interaction with your own server an API key is an excellent way to prevent non-paying users from
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