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AdWords and PPC

AdWords & Pay Per Click Advertising Can Be A Great Way To Get Some Quick Traffic To Your Site But It’s Also A Great Way To Waste Your Money If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing – We Do!


AdWords & PPC – More Than Just Jargon

Behind the jargon and acronyms of AdWords there is a great opportunity for you to deliver cost effective leads to your website of customers who want to buy your product, now. We’ve spent years using Google AdWords and understand the jargon so that we can offer you a PPC service that is result focused and with our holistic approach to PPC we get results!

Holistic Approach to SEO, PPC & AdWords

Setting up an AdWords account and creating a PPC account is easy – Google has made it like that as it’s the primary source of revenue – but getting results from PPC can be a bit trickier. For a PPC campaign to be successful you have to consider it from both your customers perspective and Google’s – what might your customer search for and how can you get the highest quality score for those search terms? By using your customers wants and needs to form PPC campaigns, tied in with congruent ad copy and landing page optimistation, you will see how lucrative PPC can be for your business.

PPC & AdWords – New And Improved

If you’ve been running PPC campaigns for your business but haven’t quite yet figured out how to turn a profit then we can help. Perhaps you just need a PPC audit to point out a few things to tweak for improvements and if so, we can provide that PPC audit. If you’re looking to start investing in PPC then we’ll be able to guide you through the process as well as developing campaign specific landing pages for maximum ROI. ROI – the most important acronym for us in AdWords.

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