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      When i tried the setup, only 1 post got posted, then i tried it with different keywords, but no new post is being pulled. I tried creating new Rule, then also no new post is being pulled.

      Both the above Keywords were taken from the Google Trends, so there should be a huge number of posts in Twitter.

      I would also like to know, whether we can use the HashTag as a Keyword in the “Keyword Search” field.

      My WebSite Details;

      USER: Hub7

      PASS: [email protected]^lCb3

      Kindly look into this matter.

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      Szabi – CodeRevolution
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      I checked your site and it seems that the plugin was not generating content because you set low values to the ‘<b>Minimum Title Word Count (Skip Post Otherwise)’ , ‘Maximum Title Word Count (Skip Post Otherwise)’ and ‘Minimum Content Word Count (Skip Post Otherwise) </b> settings fields from the plugin’s ‘Main Settings’.

      The meaning of these is that the plugin should publish only posts that have minimum words 4 and maximum 7 (the rest will be skipped). If you wish to use this feature, I recommend settings a larger field of possible title and content length.

      I deleted these values, now the plugin should post more content.


      Szabi – CodeRevolution.

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