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      I purchased your plugin yesterday and really like the design.

      I have one issue though: I’m trying to build a pretty massive Youtube aggregator website in which I monitor 100+ Youtube channels and automatically post their new videos on my WordPress site.

      My queries stopped going through though and I noticed from the log that the API Quota was reached.

      I did some more reading on the quota and it seems that searches cost a huge amount of quota points.

      If I create an action which contains a search term but is still limited to a single channel (based on the channel ID) will that count as a “search” in the Youtube API? If so, is there any way to get channel content without performing this expensive “search”?

      Another question is do I need to create a new action line for each youtube channel or is it possible to just have one action which lists multiple channel ID’s?

      Thank you!

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      Szabi – CodeRevolution
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      First of all, thank you for your purchase.

      To get around the quota limitation, you can add a comma separated list of API keys to the ‘YouTube API Key List’ settings field, in the plugin’s ‘Main Settings’ menu. Like this, the plugin will spread out the API calls between all API keys you entered. Please enter API keys from multiple accounts (not just multiple projects from the same account).

      Also yes, a new importing rule (action line) needs to be entered for each channel from where you need to import content.


      Szabi – CodeRevolution.

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