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      Vagner Storchi

      Hello, I bought your plugin and I have some configuration difficulties. The title of the post comes with the “category name – site name”, however, in the RSS feed URL, the name appears correctly. Another situation that is happening is that the web crawler is bringing only a single post, even though I have changed the configuration, putting it to bring 10 posts per feed.

      And the last question is how to change the plug-in execution to minutes instead of hours, because, as I am developing a news portal in several languages, it is necessary to update the news as soon as possible.


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      Szabi – CodeRevolution
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      1. Can you send me, please, the feed URL from where you are importing content, so I can give it a try on my test blog? Also, please send me some screenshots of your current plugin config (including importing rule settings for this feed URL), so I can try to reproduce this issue. Like this, I will be able to check also on the post count issue.
      2. I limited the auto-running of the plugin to 1 hour minimum right now, to not allow users to over-use their server’s resources, and complain afterwards that the plugin is not working for them – with hour based running, I still have some similar cases, when people create 500+ importing rules, each running each hour, which drains their server’s resources and they come to me afterwards asking for help. If you know for sure that minute based running is fit for your server’s resources, I can implement minute based running in the plugin, just for you. I can make this feature available only for you (not to general public), because people don’t know how to use minute based running, and they will ask for support, when they over-used their server. I can make a payed custom plugin update for you, to add this feature to it, only for you, only on your server. Also, you will get plugin updates afterwards, as normal. Please let me know your thoughts on this, and we can discuss this further on my email [email protected].
      Szabi – CodeRevolution.
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