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      Hello guys 1st of all i want to thanks you for such useful plugin its very well made but i see that there are a long time of learning curve to it im kinda list you need to make more details over the shoulder videos with many examples to make life easier for the users and the support team, i wanted to use this plugin to make niche based news websites to drive traffic and put relevant adsense monetization while the website needs lest than hour to be done in my openion i think now after all these complicated options the 1st website needs at least 2 to 3 weeks to be launched  i would love it someone help me setup 1st one so i can copy same thing over and over again its niche focus websites i got these domains and the topics is obvious from the domain names now the barrier i see 1st i need to know from where to get the news for each niche and all i need is to have a curated full post i already have yearly subscription in spin writer i added the api and its woking fine but i don’t want to get into trouble from photos copyright so what’s the solution for this is the royalties free photo can automatically chose the right photo for the content and how to setup this i want my news website to look independent means nothing to be mentioned or linked to the source in any mean what is the default option for this so it looks independent with no relation to any other source hope you can help with that and if you can help in doing just the setup for each website based on the niche would be great i can put the theme and make everything ready and you just put the feeds and the needed setups so it looks good and legit and become a set and forget website ready for monetization with original good looking content on autopilot

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      Szabi – CodeRevolution
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      First of all, thank you for your purchase.

      I can help with configuring some example importing rules on your site, with adding royalty free images to imported articles.

      You can check these example importing rules and continue configuring the plugin as you like it. Please be sure to check the plugin’s tutorial videos, here:

      Also, tutorial video for royalty free image importing:


      Can you send me, please, temporary admin login credentials to your WordPress install, so I can check this issue out? Send it, please, to my email address: [email protected].

      Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

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