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      When I try to create a Pinterest App in order to establish a connection between my WordPress site and my Pinterest account, the following page is displayed:

      “The developer API has been deprecated in favor of newer APIs. Interested in applying to write an app on the newer APIs? Submit an application and we’ll review it! We’re currently in beta, so stay tuned for more updates.”

      How can I connect my wordpress site to my Pinterest account?

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      Szabi – CodeRevolution
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      First of all, thank you for your purchase.

      Currently, the Pinterest v1 API is deprecated and Pinterest is planning to launch a v2 API, however, it is still in beta phase, meaning it is not yet available. Please check this video, I created it showing how to apply to the v2 API:

      I am not sure when they will release the new API, I am still waiting for it to appear.

      I can offer 2 options: you can wait for the API to go live and afterwards I will update the plugin to work with the v2 API or you can get a refund for the plugin, if you do not want to use it any more:

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Regards, Szabi – CodeRevolution.

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